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This site was made in the beginning of April 2015, with the intention of discussing religion, atheism, science and Young Earth Creationism. Counter Creationist’s job is to spread the word of logic and reason, and to get the religious to question their 2000 year old stories. On this site you can find over 180 posts about all sorts of topics concerning religion, atheism, and anything else I can think of!

This website was originally designed to combat Young Earth Creationists, but was later updated to discuss religion and atheism in general due to the fact that most people ignore the YEC extremists. I have posts about God, Jesus, the Bible, Christianity, Islam, Atheism, and more!

I have a ‘Questions for Christians’ series where I ask as many questions as I can think of, and a ‘New Bible’ series, where I rewrite the Bible as as entertaining parody.

I am only one human, but like many atheists, I hope that I can make an impact to the world and free our species from organised religion and illogical stories. I am extremely grateful for every follower, like and view I receive, because it all goes to spreading the word of reason.


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  1. Hi Morgan, I’m not sure if you saw my question under your post God vs. satan, but I would like to attempt to answer your questions about Christianity. I’m going to assume that your only exposure to the Gospel is through the Bible only, so you have only protestant Christianity experience. However, I can only answer your questions if you permit me to teach you the full Gospel Truth. The Gospel rests on three pillars of Truth–the Catholic Bible (the protestant bible is missing 7 Old Testament books), Tradition, and teachings of the Magisterium. I cannot proclaim the full Gospel on the Bible only, because even Holy Scripture states that Jesus did more than can be written in books. I cannot deny the 2000 years of teaching history of the Holy Spirit through Tradition and the Magisterium. So, if you will allow me to proclaim the full Gospel, I will answer your concerns. But, if I am limited to the protestant bible only, that would handicap me and would prevent you and your readers from knowing the Truth of the Gospel.
    Also, I need to be able to cite supernatural occurrences as facts. You would be free, of course, to accept or reject the evidence, but it would be impossible for me to debate all the supernatural facts (i.e., did this really happen? etc.). So, for example, if Jesus spoke to a saint about a certain truth of heaven, or the Blessed Mother gave a message on revelation, those are facts to me and it’s up to you to draw your own conclusions. I will only present the evidence to you to research on your own. Though, I’ll be happy to cite a book, writing, or website, if I can provide a source.
    Also, I have to be able to discuss the teachings of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. These mysteries are not known to protestant Christians, but they are crucial in understanding the Gospel, the Divine Plan of God, and end time prophecy.
    Finally, I am only human and I am an imperfect human being. I do not claim to know all the mysteries of God and faith. I work full-time, I have my own blog MaryRefugeOfHolyLove that I need to work on and have other life commitments. I cannot write every day and I know you post twice a day. So, I will be unable to respond to your daily bible quotes and likely the majority of your writings due to limited time. But I want to help you and your readers in understanding the Gospel.
    If you can agree to this, then I will start with what you wrote in the God vs. satan post. God bless!


    • By all means site sources outside of the Bible itself, and besides, if Jesus did only do the things that are written in the Bible then he is pretty pathetic. God ‘made the earth’,while Jesus walked on water. It’s kind of like the CEO of a business empire having a son who is the manager of a local McDonalds.
      My audience consists of both the religious and a handful of atheists and agnostics, your comments on my articles may not convince any/many people; especially because it is a very large assumption to claim that supernatural events or things written in the Bible are facts, but you could always try.
      I do make ‘questions for Christians’ posts every so often that are meant to gather various people’s opinions and ideas, so you could start there.
      Good luck with your blog, by the way.


  2. Science and Evidence for Design in the Universe

    This book explains and makes some smashing points using biochemistry about the existence of a divine being. There are no specifics on what religion’s God exists, just that there is a God and that the world could not have been created without one, based on what little science we have a grasp of currently.


  3. Hello Morgan, I am a Christian who happened to stumble on your blog. If you can possibly make the time, I would strongly encourage you to watch The Atheist Delusion, by Ray Comfort (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ChWiZ3iXWwM). I would be interested to see how an atheist responds to the strength of the arguments made in this short movie, especially those presented in the second half. God bless you, and I will be praying for you. 🙂

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