My thoughts on Trump v Clinton

Finally the election is drawing to a close, and it couldn’t have happened with worse candidates. I’m not going to go too much into detail about the specific flaws and issues surrounding these candidates, but I will say that I think the only reason that either of them have gotten this far is because the argument can be made that the other is worse.

So we have a narcissistic, unhinged and unpredictable billionaire, verses the personification of corruption herself, with various scandals under her belt. I think that if Trump ran against Sanders he would lose in a landslide, and likewise if Hillary ran against someone more likable and less controversial she wouldn’t stand much of a chance.

It’s almost certain that if Trump were to run against anyone else he would lose, and the only reason that he has made it this far is that: 1. people really hate Hillary, and 2. people are sick of the establishment and the PC culture that runs rampant in society, and they view him as the solution to that, so they are willing to overlook his flaws and controversial nature because they view him as the lesser of two evils.

Likewise I know a lot of progressives who vote for Hillary because they don’t want a Trump presidency, and voting for either Johnson or Stein isn’t really going to have much of an effect.

I really think it would be interesting to see what would happen if Trump won, mainly because he’s a bit of a wildcard. We don’t really know what Trump will do, or if he’ll follow through with any of the stuff that he’s said, but we have more than enough information to know what Hillary will do – and it’s not good.


11 thoughts on “My thoughts on Trump v Clinton

    • First off, there are the bad decisions that she has made throughout her career, including the voting for the Iraq war, the bankruptcy bill, NAFTA, the TPP, the patriot act, etc.
      Then there’s the corruption – rigging the primaries against Bernie, colluding with the DNC against him, colluding with the media, and all of the foreign interests (like taking a million dollars from Qatar)
      And the scandals, such as the secret email server she used and then lied about, and the allegations that she went after the women accusing Bill Clinton of sexual assault and tried to destroy them. She also defended a child rapist when she was a lawyer, laughing about it years later.
      There are also concerns over her mental and physical health (like the mini-strokes and collapsing at the 9/11 memorial)
      From her speeches we can tell that she isn’t afraid of threatening military action against Russia, and her support of a no-fly zone may well lead to all out war with Russia and Syria.
      And then there are the conspiracy theories about the Clinton body count, and the emails leaked about people in her camp being linked to occult rituals (like spirit cooking) or even a child sex ring. But those are less concrete, so I’m not going to vouch for their accuracy or relevancy.

      So overall we can see that Hillary has a lot of flaws, and has done some stupid and shady things in her past. People go on about Trump being a racist, but Hillary’s ‘friend and mentor’ (in her words) was actually a member of the KKK.


      • MC, you might want to check out your claims. Ms. Clinton was a public defender when she had to defend a child rapist. What do you think public defenders do? And no, she wasn’t laughing about it. Please do some research. It is a shame you choose to spread a lie, MC. I am very disappointed.

        People get sick. So does Trump. Do you think someone who has no stamina could keep up the campaign schedule she has? Or is this an attempt to claim that women are somehow “weak”? And what “mini-strokes”? You do know what a stroke is, don’t you?

        Trump has worked with people all over the globe, including Putin. Should he held accountable for the actions Putin has taken?

        Mr. Trump was for the war too. He also has used his foundation to correct problems with his businesses and has gone into bankruptcy several times.

        Yep, it was completely stupid for trying to get rid of Sanders. Again, how does this work with the antics of the Republicans with Trump et al?

        Yep, we know that she has no problem in being more aggressive than Obama. And who has said he likes nukes? Yep, Trump. Is it okay for a man to say such things and not for a woman? Or shall we let Russia do what it wants and do nothing about it?

        Yep, there are all sorts of conspiracy theories aka baseless claims about Clinton. Funny how they never have any evidence to support them, despite people looking for decades. You seem amazingly willfully ignorant, not something I would expect in someone who rips apart the lies that religion sells.

        And who was Hilary’s friend and mentor that was a member of the KKK? And are they still? People can change their minds. Are you talking about Robert Byrd? And have you read his repudiation of his stupidity? Here it is:

        “It’s also true that Robert Byrd was a member of the Ku Klux Klan in the 1940s and helped establish the hate group’s chapter in Sophia, West Virginia. However, in 1952 Byrd avowed that “After about a year, I became disinterested [in the KKK], quit paying my dues, and dropped my membership in the organization,” and throughout his long political career (he served for 57 years in the United States Congress) he repeatedly apologized for his involvement with the KKK:
        “”I know now I was wrong. Intolerance had no place in America. I apologized a thousand times … and I don’t mind apologizing over and over again. I can’t erase what happened.”

        I expect you to offer an apology for spreading nonsense. I also ask you: what do you think Trump will do if he gets to be president: someone who has degraded many many groups, someone who has no problem in being supported by the KKK (yes, his campaign has decried it, but not Trump, AFAIK), praised dictators and thugs, who has promised to put people who disagree with him into prison, who has repeatedly lied about what he has said, despite the existence of video/audio showing him say exactly what he denies, as if he thinks saying it doesn’t exist will make it vanish?


        • Granted, the claim may not be as strong as I had originally been led to believe, but it still does no good to her reputation whatsoever.

          Are you seriously trying to pull the sexism card? Really? People have come out and said that she may have health problems, perhaps leading from a number of unexplained falls. How would you explain that time when she did that weird head-bobbing thing when confronted by reporters?

          I agree that both of them have said war mongering things – my argument was never that Trump is perfect, or even decent, my argument is that both of them are terrible. You know you have a weak politician when all you can do is bring up how the other is just as bad.

          Like I said before, the conspiracy theories are just conspiracy theories, so I never put any credibility behind them. And as for the bankruptcy – that is not a sign of being a bad businessman. Many successful people have filed for bankruptcy before.

          Hillary taking money from foreign interests is a CLEAR case of corruption, for instance, taking donations from Saudi Arabia and approving weapons deals for them. We also know that she was colluding with the DNC and the establishment media, which is obviously not a good sign.

          We can nitpick away at some of the details, but overwhelmingly we can see that Hillary is still corrupt, and has made bad decisions. Once more I must remind you that my argument was never that Trump was so much better – it was that both of them are bad.


          • Not as strong? No, MC, what you had were lies. And it seems you haven’t the honor to admit this.

            No, I am not pulling the sexism card, that was done by people like you, MC, with the lies that having caught pneumonia was somehow unique to her alone. There were no “unexplained falls”, now “weird headbobbing”, so again you try to spread lies rather than look into the actual stories. It is a shame since you are smarter than that, at least when it comes to religion. All I see is someone who wanted to believe nonsense, just like a Christian, and accepted it without thought.

            Your argument, such as it was, was full of outright lies, MC. Ms. Clinton was not the “terrible” as you claimed, and indeed you seem to have already known that. Yep, plenty of sucessul people have filed for bankruptcy *once*. Which ones have done it at least four times?

            Hilary did not take any money from foreign interests. But you are welcome to show where she did. Now, the Foundation did, and that was a bad idea. So, again, you intentionally conflate the facts with what you imagine and were told, without questioning.

            I love, that, just like Christians, you whine when the facts don’t follow, and complain that I am looking at details aka “nitpicking”. It’s the facts that show that you have chosen to lie, MC. How unfortunate.


            • She DID defend a rapist, that is undeniable. That is not a lie.

              We have video footage of Hillary stumbling and collapsing at the 9/11 memorial. Not the behavior of a healthy individual. Or is that just a conspiracy?
              And this is the head-bobbing, does it look like normal behavior?

              Why did her campaign refuse to release her health records? Does she have something to hide?

              Donald Trump has hundreds of companies, and out of all of them, a handful go bankrupt. So what? It’s not as if everything came crashing down multiple times.

              Oh, so as long as Hillary PERSONALLY doesn’t go over there and take money, it’s fine. Her foundation did, and you don’t think that she’s going to repay them in some way? Qatar wouldn’t just give her a million dollars because they’re feeling generous. It would be delusional to think that.
              Christ, even Secular Talk (alternative media outlet on YT with 400k subs) agrees with me on this one, and they’re super progressive.

              Like I said, some of the arguments are better than others. We can spend time nitpicking, but you cannot resolve Hillary of her problems with petty disagreement. She is corrupt, and has made many stupid decisions in her past.

              It doesn’t really matter now anyway – she lost, and Trump is set to become president. She has conceded, and if anything happens, Pence will likely take his place.


              • Wow, MC, do you know what a public defender does and why? Again, you spread lies by trying to make it seem she chose to do so and then laughed at the victim.

                People can be sick. And surprise, they can get well again. So, when Trump get a cold, is this evidence he is unfit for office because he isn’t perfectly healthy? Her campaign didn’t refuse to release her health records. Why are you still making false claims, MC? And no she didn’t have a “seizure”, again that is one more false claim that has been made, MC:

                You’ve made the claim that many successful business people have gone bankrupt 4 or more times. Who are they, MC? Again, you try to dodge the question by trying to moving the goalposts.

                You’ve claimed that Clinton accepted money from foreign powers, but surprise, you can’t show that this is the case. I know that the Foundation did and I think it was a bad thing. But your claim again is shown to be false, and since it seems to be intentional, you are lying. Now, you have made the claim that somehow Clinton broke the law by giving favors for money. There have been repeated investigations into this and there has been no evidence of this at all. Again, MC, reality shows that your claims are false. Even that lovely article you provided stated that there is no evidence to support your claims.

                You are welcome to provide evidence for your claims, but as it stands so far, you have nothing but stories you accepted without consideration, desperate to believe the worst about someone you personally don’t like. You attempt to claim that some of your arguments are better than others when that is not the case either. Again, no one is nitpicking, I am showing that your claims fail and this is not petty disagreement at all. And it does matter, MC, because you think you have some right to spread false information, taking away the rights of people to make informed decisions.


                • Last time I checked Trump didn’t collapse and need to be dragged into his car, as the evidence from the 9/11 memorial footage shows. And that article doesn’t prove that she didn’t have a seizure, it just says that it’s ‘unproven’ (and without a proper diagnosis, that’s the best that can be done). But does it look like normal behavior to you?
                  Apparently, Hillary Clinton dispatched her executive staff in the State Dept. to help conduct research on Provigil, a controlled drug often prescribed for patients suffering from Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, and Multiple Sclerosis.

                  Both Walt Disney and Henry Ford went bankrupt at one point in their past. Are you going to call them bad businessmen? Like I said, Trump owns hundreds of businesses, so a mere handful of bankruptcies is not a big deal.

                  So you agree that her foundation is corrupt, and has taken foreign money?
                  (On it’s own website it shows a donation from Saudi Arabia:
                  If Hillary’s foundation takes foreign money, obviously she has something to do with it. You really think she’s absolved from this corruption because she’s not personally going over there and taking it?

                  And we STILL have the stupid decisions she has made throughout her career.


                  • Clinton did not collapse and be “dragged to her car”. And no, there is no evidence for the nonsense about Provigil and again snopes shows you are wrong in the false claims you spread in your willful ignorance: You claimed that successful business people repeatedly go into bankruptcy, but you have yet to show it (yep, people do go into bankruptcy often once, but not four or more times). You have claimed that Clinton took money and gave favors and have yet to show any evidence. I’m sorry, MC, but what counts is evidence, not unsupported claims. You don’t get to have your own reality. Vague claims about “stupid decisions” are yet more of the poop you sling trying to make it stick.


  1. I get the criticism of Clinton, but from what I’ve seen Trump is far worse on each issue. Has Clinton gotten caught in numerous lies? Yes. But Trump seems to lie about everything. Has Clinton been involved in scandals that have screwed people over? Yes. But Trump’s scandals show him unapologetically and gleefully walking over anyone who stands in the way of what he wants. Anything you can say bad about Clinton seems to pale in comparison when you look at the same thing with Trump.

    I agree that Trump is a wildcard, though, and that it’s conceivable he could get in office and do the exact opposite of everything he has said. That’s a huge gamble in my opinion. With Supreme Court nominations at stake, my primary concern is what I can expect from each candidate. Judging from what Trump has said (and especially considering what I know Pence will be pushing for), I don’t even give a second thought to my support for Clinton.


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