Anti-science advocacy


As I have made quite clear over the course of this blog, particularly in my older posts, I am vehemently opposed to creationism, and it’s constant need to discredit, undermine and devalue science and the scientific method. And I’m sure you can imagine my horror as I stumbled across another example of this anti-science attitude just the other day – coming from a liberal student in a university!

This liberal university student argues that we need to ‘decolonize’ science, and basically abolish it completely.

I hope that you’re as shocked and appalled as I am.

Basically the argument is that African witch doctors can apparently ‘curse’ people, causing lighting to strike them, and it (obviously) cannot be scientifically proven. So, obviously, the scientific method is at fault, not the fact that black magic doesn’t exist.

And when a student points out that black magic does not in fact exist, he is told to apologize or leave the room because they are in a ‘safe space’ and it can’t be made ‘antagonistic’.

This is quite interesting really, and further proof of the horseshoe theory. There are crazy anti-science advocates on the right, in the form of creationists, and now we have crazy anti-science advocates on the left too.

I guess it just goes to show, stupidity comes in all flavors! Although I think we all knew that already.

Watch the video of this here:

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6 thoughts on “Anti-science advocacy

  1. what idiocy. I do wish such willfully ignorant twits could be forbidden to use the science that they are so sure is wrong. They can go live in mud huts on some island somewhere, especially sans the internet. It seems that some humans, not right or left, are intent on being as stupid as possible, well demonstrated the horseshoe theory.

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    • oh, BTW, this months issue of the magazine Skeptical Inquirer has a good article on how the belief in “witchcraft” harms society in quite a few ways. And since witchcraft is little, if any different than most religions, it is a good argument on why religion needs to be confronted.

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