Let’s talk about slavery



Slavery is a big part of US history, and some people just love to remind us all about it. Be it race-obsessed Black Lives Matter supporters or just the mainstream media, bringing up slavery is a good ol’ way of trying to prove just how horrible and racist white people are. Some people even call for reparations for slavery, kind of difficult though considering how complex the issue is.

But let’s get down to the facts:

First off, white people weren’t the only ones to own slaves. A large number of free blacks owned slaves too, and let’s not forget the empires that were built in Africa off of the slave trade. Blacks have never been close to being the majority in the US, so it’s impossible for all white people to have owned slaves too.

Furthermore, white people were the first in the modern world to end slavery, doing so in a war that killed white people. Brazil and other places in South America also took in a large number of slaves, up to 40% of all slaves brought to the US, so where’s the outrage against the south Americans?

Speaking of slavery, the Slavic people made up the majority of slaves during the middle ages, owned mainly by the Egyptians and the Moors. And the Slavic people are white, so the idea what white people have never been enslaved in history is false.

The Islamic slave trade still goes on to this day, and there are reported to be up to 30 million slaves right now as we speak across the world, mainly in Africa, the middle east and parts of Asia. If you care so much about slavery, why not do anything about that? And Islamic countries have owned more slaves overall than the US, so if you’re going after anybody for slavery, why not them?

The whole talk about slavery these days is nonsense anyway. We all know that the concept of children being responsible for the sins of their fathers is nonsense invented by religion, right? And if we’re talking about reparations, the UK has been invaded by the Saxons, the Romans and the Normans, so I’m owed money by a lot of people!

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2 thoughts on “Let’s talk about slavery

  1. Still trying to wrap my brain around ‘race obsessed black lives matter’ people. Do you think they’re just trying to game everyone? Is that what you’re trying to say? I must be misunderstanding you.


    • I’m talking about the (probably extremist) ones who blame everything on race. For instance, the ones who protest because “climate change is racist” – which is actually what happened in the UK not too long ago.


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