Atheist memes #4

Another collection of memes and images found from Pinterest:

OM actual god. That poor kid. Holy crap, some times I wanna punch certain people:

Fuck this. You believe this shit, you're too fucking gone:

Deconstructed Version of Christian God, Based on Bible:


So narcissistic that he has sixteen names, and so indecisive that he can’t decide on which one to use.

Atheism, Religion, God is Imaginary, Mental Illness, Jesus. 12 A.D. I'm the son of god. Of course you are, Jesus. 2012 A.D. I'm the son of god. Of course you are, Jerry. Nice to know we've advanced somewhat.:

Don't do me any favors, OK?:

A religion for sociopaths.:

Abrahamic Religions:

and Christians don't question this? there is so much they need to question in their bible. so much. good storybook though.:

12c307a7a74b88f815870bc973c9e967.jpg (713×713):

What. A. Narcissist. He must get it from his father.

I always felt confused by this when I was very religious. Now I know it was my self trying to let myself know how ridiculous it all is.:

The Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster - this is a hoot.:


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