BLM activist goes through police force training

I’m going to talk about Black Lives Matter itself in a future post, but I found this video quite a while ago and it was really quite an eye opener. It just goes to show the dangerous reality of being a police officer in the US. A Black Lives Matter activist went through police force training, and ended up being killed once, and killing an unarmed suspect.

There’s a whole article about it here.


The New Bible – Exodus 23


Moses lays down some more rules, and God makes some promises that he may or may not keep. Kind of hard to tell with that guy!

  1. God decided that because he had slept on the seventh day on the mythical story of creation that didn’t actually happen, everybody else had to rest too. It doesn’t matter if they don’t want to, it’s an order.

2. “Everybody is allowed to rest on the seventh day,” God said, “Everything must come to a grinding halt. No-one is to do any work, under penalty of death. And on every seventh year you’re not allowed to grow any crops, leave what is there for the poor and animals.”

3. God continued; “You’re also gonna have a festival to me three times a year, where your people must come before me with bread and offerings, and no yeast, because we all know that yeast is my worst enemy.

4. And don’t forget… NEVER cook a young goat in it’s mother’s milk.”

5. After the rather strange and random commands from God, he started giving out promises, which we all know is a bad idea.

6. “I am going to send an angel to lead you to the land which I have given you, as long as you obey my commands and do EXACTLY as I say. Do not rebel against him, or me, or you will not be forgiven.

7. I, the loving God, will strike down your enemies and destroy them, simply for the reason that they are in my way.” God said

8. The Lord carried on with his speech, clearly getting ahead of himself; “Do not worship their gods, and smash their altars and destroy their idols. I will strike terror and confusion into the hearts of your enemies, and make them flee.

9. And little by little, you shall take over their lands. Do not let the live among you, because they are even worse sinners than you lot!”

10. After God’s little tirade he pootled off back to his home in the sky, and the Israelites were wondering whether Satan was a safer deity to follow.

The New Bible homepage can be found here.

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Let’s talk about slavery



Slavery is a big part of US history, and some people just love to remind us all about it. Be it race-obsessed Black Lives Matter supporters or just the mainstream media, bringing up slavery is a good ol’ way of trying to prove just how horrible and racist white people are. Some people even call for reparations for slavery, kind of difficult though considering how complex the issue is.

But let’s get down to the facts:

First off, white people weren’t the only ones to own slaves. A large number of free blacks owned slaves too, and let’s not forget the empires that were built in Africa off of the slave trade. Blacks have never been close to being the majority in the US, so it’s impossible for all white people to have owned slaves too.

Furthermore, white people were the first in the modern world to end slavery, doing so in a war that killed white people. Brazil and other places in South America also took in a large number of slaves, up to 40% of all slaves brought to the US, so where’s the outrage against the south Americans?

Speaking of slavery, the Slavic people made up the majority of slaves during the middle ages, owned mainly by the Egyptians and the Moors. And the Slavic people are white, so the idea what white people have never been enslaved in history is false.

The Islamic slave trade still goes on to this day, and there are reported to be up to 30 million slaves right now as we speak across the world, mainly in Africa, the middle east and parts of Asia. If you care so much about slavery, why not do anything about that? And Islamic countries have owned more slaves overall than the US, so if you’re going after anybody for slavery, why not them?

The whole talk about slavery these days is nonsense anyway. We all know that the concept of children being responsible for the sins of their fathers is nonsense invented by religion, right? And if we’re talking about reparations, the UK has been invaded by the Saxons, the Romans and the Normans, so I’m owed money by a lot of people!

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The New Bible – Exodus 22


God and Moses are still giving rules to the Israelites – It’s a miracle they’ve managed to survive this long without any laws! This edition of the New Bible also contains a section of Exodus 23.

  1. “If a thief breaks into your house then you are allowed to kill them, no questions asked. But if they do it during the day then you’re a murderer. Don’t ask me how the time of day is important, but it is” Moses said,

2. “Anybody who steals anything, starts a fire that destroys property, or lets their animals graze on another persons fields, must pay back double. But if they cannot afford it, then they must be sold into slavery.”

3. “If a man sleeps with a virgin who is already pledged to be married, he must pay her father, and don’t forget, sorceresses must be killed,” Moses explained,

4. “I don’t care if sorcery isn’t real, and I don’t know what the heck you’re supposed to do with sorcerers, but sorceresses must be killed.

5.  Now, while we’re on the topic of killing, anybody who has sexual relations with an animal must be killed, and anybody who takes advantage of a widow or the fatherless must be killed too. We will kill you with a sword, and make your wives widows and your children fatherless.”

6. Moses continued, “Despite all the murder and killing, our god.. I mean, the only god, is loving and compassionate, so you must treat foreigners well, and you’d better not blaspheme the name of the Lord or the name of your ruler – a.k.a me. While you’re at it, do not charge interest on loans to the needy, and don’t hold back any offerings to the Lord.”

7. God threw his two cents in too: “You must give me all of your firstborn sons and animals, as an offering. Why? Because I’m so bloody important, that’s why. Also, don’t eat animals torn apart by dogs… you know how I feel about leftovers, and I feel the exact same way about scraps and scavenging.”

8. Moses took over once again, because speeches were his specialty. “Don’t spread false witness, and don’t accept bribes.”

9. “Poor people deserve a trial, and should not be denied lawsuits, but make sure you don’t pick favorites, unlike God!”

10. “See? God and us primitive Israelites can come up with SOME decent rules!”

The New Bible homepage can be found here.

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Beating a dead horse


I’ve found a lot of trouble recently in finding something to actually talk about. Half of this, I think, comes from the fact that after 250+ posts things are getting a little unsustainable, and the other half is that you can only go on and on about something for so long before it gets old.

What with most of the anti-religious YouTubers going after Islam and turning their attention to politics, mainly because it’s more relevant, I can’t help but feel that I’m beating a dead horse. The fight to keep church and state separated is an ongoing one, don’t get me wrong, but here in New Zealand there’s very little to do regarding religion.

Creationists were really defeated in the court of public opinion back in 2014 after the Bill Nye vs Ken Ham debate, and from what I’ve seen around, they don’t look like the massive foe that they once were, and I wonder if the debate around religion is going a tad stale.

Now I’ve only had a few years experience in the atheist community, so I am just going off of what I have seen personally, and the changing trends in the number of atheist channels I watch, but it really seems as though the buzz around Christianity has faded, and that probably ties into the fact that the New Atheist movement has kind of fallen apart, and people like Christopher Hitchens (peace be upon him) are no longer around.

I have little patience these days for abstract and philosophical debates – a complex debate about the definitions and meanings of words and terms like ‘truth’, ‘reality’ and ‘logic’ gets on my nerves, and I don’t see how that could ever prove the existence of the Christian God. But asides from mental gymnastics and word games, I have seen very little new things to talk about.

I’ve always got the New Bible, and I could do a bit of reading up on Islam, but really I’m not quite sure what the future holds. I could talk about politics, as I have been keeping very up to date on the world’s current affairs, but I don’t necessarily want to change identity of this blog and risk driving off a load of readers who dislike my political views.

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The New Bible – Exodus 21


God and Moses team up for a while to figure out how to govern the Israelites, and all of the rules they must obey. They are still camped out in a bunch of tents in the middle of the desert though, so you would have thought that getting to the Holy Land would be at the top of the list of their priorities.

  1. “Now, slavery is perfectly acceptable, provided we set some ground rules,” Moses told everybody, “If you buy a slave, he must be set free on the seventh year, and if he has a wife when you buy him, she goes free too. But if he gets a wife and has kids while serving you, only he is to go free.”

2. “It’s a perfect way to make sure the slave doesn’t just up sticks and leave happily,” God explained, “Because the slave can choose to serve you forever if he wants to, you just have to punch a hole in his ear.”

3. Moses continued his speech, “If someone sells his daughter into slavery, she doesn’t go free. But at least she can’t be sold to any foreigners! And if he does not look after her, she can go free.”

4. “That just about wraps things up for slavery,” God said, “Now get onto the death penalty, my favorite punishment!”

5. “I’m getting to it, I’m getting to it,” Moses replied, “Anyone who kills a person on purpose must be put to death, but if it’s an accident and God ‘lets it happen’ then they can just run away and live somewhere else.

6. Anyone who attacks their parents must be killed. Anyone who is a kidnapper must be killed. Anyone who curses their parents must be killed…”

7. “Goddammit Moses, are you guys trying to wipe us out!?” An Israelite exclaimed.

8. “You’re lucky we haven’t told you about the blasphemy laws and using my name in vain yet!” God replied.

9. Moses continued, “Anyone who beats their slave to death must be punished – see, we’re not completely horrible! And likewise, if a slave is blinded in one eye or has a tooth knocked out they must be set free for compensation.

10. If someone hits a pregnant woman and causes her to give birth prematurely, they can sue. And if somebody digs a big hole and an animal falls in, they must pay the owner what the animal is worth, so watch out where you’re digging giant holes.”

11. The Israelites were getting bored listening to Moses long speech. “Has he made a law about murder yet? This guy and his condescending attitude is getting on my nerves” An Israelite asked.

12. “It was somewhere at the beginning, I think” Another replied.

13. Moses kept on going, “If a bull kills someone then the bull is to be put to death, and don’t you dare go and eat it! And if a bull kills someone else’s bull then they must sell the living one and split the money and the dead bull equally.”

14. Moses was finally done, for now, at least. There are more oddly specific rules to come!

The New Bible homepage can be found here.

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