Quotes from God

Some excellent quotes to remember from everybody’s favorite Holy Book!
The loving god Christians are always preaching about:

As much as I’d love these to be real billboards, I doubt that they actually are.


10 thoughts on “Quotes from God

  1. love the idea. I wonder how the split would be with how many believers would insist that these verses didn’t exist in the bible and how many would insist that they really need a theocracy so we all have to follow such nonsense.

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  2. Do you think it would be more productive than counterproductive to say on the billboard that they are quotes from “God”, vs. just giving the reference? I get the idea of jarring the believers to try to overcome their good notion of the awful character, but that title comes with a lot of baggage. (He is good, I’m sinful, I must submit, etc.)


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