Atheist memes #3

I recently signed up to Pinterest, and boy is it a good place to find atheist memes!

Because I love you unconditionally. So do this thing. Or I'll torture you forever. Because I love you.: The Old Testament #bible #god #jesus #religion #christian #christianity #atheist #atheism: #god #bible #evidence #atheist #atheism:


Seems legit.:

Interesting survey, and from a reputable source, Pew Research, click through.  Atheists performed best in the religious knowledge survey.  I think if you are raised believing something, you never investigate it and that can be a reason why atheists know more academically about many religions than their adherents do.  I know that I research the things I don't believe in far more extensively than I do the things I do believe in, mainly because I don't want to make faulty assumptions.:

Turns out if you try to witness to an atheist, there's a good chance they know more about your religion's history, current events and your "good book" than you do.:

Atheism, Religion, God is Imaginary. Atheists will accept the lord or burn in hell. No we won't.:

.. I am a Spiritual Person ..but... I do not believe You can Govern according to Scriptures/Religions ..:

Yeah but I have free will even if you have a plan for me.  SHEESH ... I've never understood this one either.:

I'm going with 4,200.:

The first of the Ten Commandments says, “You shall have no other gods before me” (Ex. 20:3). (There are two very different sets of Ten Commandments in Exodus, but let’s ignore that for now.) Have you ever thought much about the wording of this commandment? Why doesn’t it say that Jehovah is the only god? It’s because this section of the Bible was written in the early days of the Israelite religion (roughly 10th century BCE) when it was still polytheistic.:

God's favorite. ~ Yes, this puts it all in perspective and illustrates so clearly how ridiculous a belief in a god really is.:

The sources for all of these and more can be found here.


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