‘Protagonists’ in the Bible – Satan


Yes, I know that Satan is not usually considered a Biblical protagonist, but he’s done a couple of things worthy of admiration, and in reality he didn’t actually kill many people. So I’ll count him as a protagonist anyway.

Even though Jesus takes it upon himself several times to bad-mouth Satan, in reality he’s actually a pretty mild character, and he’s the one who gave us knowledge, which is something that God is (surprise, surprise) opposed to.

Satan started off as an angel, a perfect being created by God, just like the others. But the perfect being, God, created an imperfect being, and soon kicked him out of Heaven. God banished Satan to earth, which is kind of ridiculous considering that’s one place he doesn’t want evil to be. To quote the Thinking Atheist, ‘that’s like letting rabid dogs loose in a nursery.’

So after a perfect being created an imperfect being with full knowledge of what was going to happen, Satan ‘tricked’ Adam and Eve into eating from the tree of knowledge, which stopped them from being mindless servants of a mentally unstable deity. Unfortunately Satan wasn’t given a medal, or even a pat on the back. God instead wrote a giant hit-piece about him, desperately trying to make himself look like the good-guy.

Despite the Bible’s attempts to make Satan look evil, he only ever killed a handful of people – Job’s sons and daughters. But even then it was part of a bet with God! So really those deaths should be added onto God’s list with the millions of others.

In the Bible, Satan is credited with creating all things evil, and is responsible for everything bad in the world, but that claim doesn’t really stand up to scrutiny. For starters, if God has a divine plan, doesn’t that mean it’s God’s fault when evil happens? And doesn’t Isaiah 45:7 say that God is responsible for evil?

“I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the Lord do all these things.”

So really, isn’t Satan just a tool used by God to push his own agenda?

Satan does apparently live in Hell, which, according to Jesus, is a pretty nasty place. But then again, Jesus also promised to come back to earth within the lifetimes of his disciples, and he’s about 2000 years late. Can we trust anything Jesus says?

Image Courtesy of Salvatore Vuono at FreeDigitalPhotos.net


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