The New Bible – Exodus 10


God’s not finished showing off his power to the Pharaoh, so the saga of freeing the Israelites continues!

  1. God came to Moses and said to him, “I’ve hardened the heart of the Pharaoh again, so go to him and complain once more, and I shall show off how awesome I am.”

2. Moses did as he was told, and once again the Pharaoh refused to free his people. “You want everyone to go and worship the Lord? No, just take the men like you said the first time” the Pharaoh exclaimed.

3. “Not good enough” Moses said, clearly not knowing how to compromise. So the Pharaoh drove him from his presence.

4. “Okay, you asked for this,” Moses said, “I know you don’t really have any plants left from the hail, and I know that after flies and gnats this might be a little repetitive, but here comes the plague of locusts!”

5. Moses raised his hand, and at once a giant swarm of locusts came down upon the land, covering the ground and eating what little the Egyptians had left.

6. So after several Egyptian plant species were driven to extinction, the Pharaoh agreed to let Moses go.

7. “Finally!” Moses exclaimed, “Now you’d better not change your mind again.”

8. But the Pharaoh changed his mind again.

9. So Moses had a temper tantrum and plagued Egypt again, this time with a plague of darkness. Somehow God managed to stop earth from turning or something, because for three days straight the land was covered in darkness.

10. Of course, if the earth suddenly stopped moving, everything on it would continue moving – it would be perhaps the single best way to destroy all life on earth. But I guess God works in mysterious ways!

11. Anyhow, Egypt was covered in darkness, but the plague was somewhat tame compared to all the stuff the Egyptians had been through before.

12. Even so, the Pharaoh knew the routine by this point, and once again let Moses and his people go. As usual, God hardened his heart again and the Pharaoh chased Moses and Aaron out of his palace, threatening to kill them if they ever showed up again.

13. “Hmm… kill them” God said to himself, having a sudden idea.

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