The New Bible – Exodus 7


God, Aaron and Moses begin trying to convince the Pharaoh to free the Israelites, and we finally get to see what all of the incessant planning from the previous chapters was for.

  1. “Now, as we discussed, you and Aaron will speak to the Pharaoh and do as I command you, and I shall make miracles happen. But I will harden the Pharaoh’s heart, and he won’t let you go” God instructed.

2. “But why? What’s the point of hardening his heart?” Moses asked.

3. “Never mind that! I work in mysterious ways, you know” God replied. He doesn’t like it when people question him.

4. Moses and Aaron did as God commanded, and were both eighty year old men by the time they finally got around to putting their plan into action.

5. The Lord commanded them to throw their staffs at the ground, so Moses and Aaron just walked up to the Pharaoh without a word and threw their staffs onto the floor.

6. “What the Hell was that for?” the Pharaoh asked.

7. “Wait for it…” Moses said, “God must be having some technical difficulties.”

8. Just then the staffs turned into snakes, but the Pharaoh wasn’t impressed.

9. “Somehow I also have magicians that can do that!” The Pharaoh gloated as his magicians threw their staffs at the ground, which also turned into snakes.

10. Moses and Aaron came back the next day with God’s next plan. They stretched out their hands across the Nile, and all of the water in Egypt turned to blood. All of the fish died, and although you would have thought this would wipe out several fish species and have a devastating and apocalyptic blow to the people and animals in Egypt, it didn’t.

11. But the Pharaoh’s magicians did it too – somehow. They turned the Nile into blood again, even though it hadn’t yet been changed back into water, and the Pharaoh walked off, unimpressed.

12. But God wasn’t out of ideas yet, his next ones might just work… as long as he doesn’t harden the Pharaoh’s heart again.

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