The wage gap does not exist


It’s drilled into everybody’s heads that for some reason, despite there being several laws against it, women get payed 77 cents to every dollar a man makes all the time, across all fields of work. But the truth is this claim is nothing but propaganda which is based on false premises and a non sequitur.

How this myth first came about was that the average earnings of men and women were calculated, and it was discovered that men on average made about 20% more than women. This average earnings figure did not include hours worked or job positions, so to somehow come to the conclusion that women are paid less than men is a complete non sequitur – the conclusion does not follow the premise.

In order to jump to the conclusion that women are paid less than men for the exact same work based on these average earnings figures means that you need to hold the false premise that men and women are all doing the same jobs and working the same hours, which is simply not the case.

And if this was true, why can nobody bring up some clear examples? The closest I’ve ever seen was when a feminist went on national television and compared janitors to cafeteria ladies – those aren’t the same jobs. If women were paid less than men, why wouldn’t companies just hire all women and increase their profits by 20%? We already see them using illegal immigrants because it’s cheaper.

Furthermore, using the exact same method, it turns out that different races make different average amounts – Asian people make the most average money, followed closely by white people, then Hispanics, then black people. How come we don’t call this a a racial wage gap? Because it isn’t.

Want to see a real case of a wage gap? Look to the modelling industry, where female models out-earn male models by up to millions of dollars. But this is based on supply and demand, similar to the sports industry, so is excusable.

So, in conclusion, the wage gap does not exist, it is instead an average earnings gap which has arisen from the different choices men and women make, and it is clearly not a case of discrimination.

Citations and further reading:

There’s a huge pay disparity between male and female supermodels

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2 thoughts on “The wage gap does not exist

  1. This seems like you haven’t really looked at all the evidence. There’s no indict of any study who comes up with the 79% number, which is problematic because there have been massive amounts of studies into the issue. Here’s a study, based on full-time men and women’s average earnings.
    It doesn’t go so far as to say that the gap exists for the same job and the same work, but is done by averaging the salaries of men who work full time and comparing them to the average salaries of women who work full time. The pay gap is a really complicated issue that has a lot of different causes and factors to examine, but it does exist.


    • The pay gap that I am talking about is the idea that women are paid about 23 cents less than men for the exact same work, which simply isn’t true.
      Also, the term ‘pay gap’ is misleading because it indicates some form of discrimination, which is not the case either. What this gap is, is an average earnings gap. This is thought to be caused by a number of different factors, like you said, a big one being the different life choices men and women make.


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