Gender is not a social construct


I thought I’d take a second away from religion to focus on something slightly different, but none-the-less ridiculous.

It is a very popular position these days, particularly in the feminist crowd, to say that gender is nothing more than a social construct and has no backing in biology whatsoever. This claim contradicts both scientific knowledge and other positions that these people themselves hold.

Society may emphasize and reinforce the ‘stereotypical’ genders; however it is by no means the root cause of it. Throughout all of history, in all different cultures, (And in some animal species) the genders have been apparent, and the traits that define masculinity and femininity, although not always the same, have been relatively constant. The notion that all people across the globe and throughout history have made these identical gender ‘stereotypes’ for a social reason is nothing short of a conspiracy theory, and has no scientific backing.

Furthermore, scientific research shows that the differences we see between the genders are indeed caused by biology. For instance, male and female brains work differently, and through tests done on young children, we find that boys gravitate towards technology more than girls, which is a contributing factor to the lack of women in fields like physics, biology and computer science.

Finally, if gender is nothing more than a social construct, one must ignore transgender people, dismissing them as nothing more than ‘confused’ individuals – It is widely accepted that transgender people have something called ‘Gender Identity Disorder’, which is a condition that causes them to feel as if they have the wrong body. How can there be a biological cause for transgenders if gender itself is nothing more than a social construct?


5 thoughts on “Gender is not a social construct

  1. If gender isn’t at least partially a social construct, how does one explain cultures with more than two genders? There are societies around the world that recognize third, fourth, and even fifth genders. If gender really is solely derived from biology and sex, why would a culture invent nonconforming genders and then normalize them?


  2. To add to my last comment:

    Many would argue that gender and sexuality are related to one another. Sexuality is a spectrum; there are a lot of things between “100% heterosexual” and “100% homosexual.” Why couldn’t gender follow a similar spectrum? Why couldn’t someone exhibit some.combination of both male and female traits?

    Even our genes don’t possess such a simple on/off dichotomy; there are degrees to which they are expressed.


  3. I’m not sure if we’re on the same side of the fence here but I agree with you. Gender us more than a social construct. There is no scientific question that male and female brains are different, it’s fact. The very latest studies show transgender children have the Brain of the gender they identify as rather than matching their biology. Yes, I also agree there is a spectrum within those brains.

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