The New Bible – Genesis 44 & 45


Joseph is still not quite ready to reveal to his brothers who he really is yet, so he keeps playing his weird games.

  1. Joseph told his steward to fill the brother’s sacks with grain, and then hide the money they had paid for it in the mouth of each sack. Joseph also instructed his steward to put his silver cup inside the Benjamin, youngest brother’s sack.

2. When the brothers had left on their way back to their father, Joseph spoke to his steward, “Go after them and say to them ‘Why have you repaid good with evil? Why have you stolen my master’s cup.'”

3. It would be so much easier for Joseph just to tell the truth, but we all know logic is not the Bible’s strong point.

4. Joseph’s steward did as he was told, and the brothers were so confident that they were innocent that they agreed that if one of them had stolen it, he would be put to death, and the others would become Joseph’s slaves.

5. The steward proceeded to search the bags, and found the cup in benjamin’s sack.

6. Now apparently the brothers ‘tore at their clothes’ – looks like more people in the Bible with mental problems! – and returned to the city.

7. Joseph’s plan was working perfectly, and he changed his mind so that only the one who had the cup would be punished, and not by death, but by becoming his slave. Funny how God still never condemns slavery, isn’t it?

8. But Judah gave this long and confusing speech, reciting everything from the previous few chapters, and said that they could not return without Benjamin.

Well that was a short chapter. Luckily here’s chapter 45 too!

  1. Joseph could no longer continue playing his weird game, and finally made himself known.

2. “Everyone get out, leave my presence!” he ordered, “except you lot, so I don’t really mean everyone!”

3. He wept so loudly that everyone in his household heard him, so he must have been pretty damn loud. Joseph said to his brothers, “I am Joseph, the one you sold into Egypt.”

4. But his brothers were still terrified of his presence, probably because he was wailing like a banshee.

5. “Do not be angry that you sold me here, because it was to save lives – of the wealthy anyway – in this famine that God caused without explaining why,” Joseph explained, “Go to your father and tell him to pack up and move here, because God made me ruler of Egypt.”

6. The pharaoh heard of this news and was glad, he gave Joseph’s brothers some carts and told them to leave most of their belongings behind, because he would give them everything they needed.

7. The brothers did as they were told, and when Jacob heard of the news, he rejoiced, vowing to see him again before he died.

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