Scale of the Universe

The universe is incomprehensibly huge, and we just inhabit a tiny little planet in a tiny little galaxy. This can be used as both an argument for the existence of aliens, and a question to the religious – why did God make us on this tiny planet in the middle of nowhere, and then create the rest of the universe? This question reaches it’s full power when you stop and realize how huge the universe really is.

This video by BuzzFeed Blue demonstrates the scale of the universe, and it’s a real mind blower.


6 thoughts on “Scale of the Universe

  1. Image mankind 40,000 years ago and then ask the same question:
    Why did God make the Earth so huge?
    Now, 40,000 years later, mankind in his teaming billions, inhabits the entire world and can travel around it in 90 minutes.
    The atheist needs to expand his woefully damaged, provincial mind and imagine mankind, in his teaming mega-gazillions, 40,000 years in the future, inhabiting entire galaxies, galaxy clusters and so forth.

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  2. It’s a fascinating question. Much like asking an artist, “Why did you paint the grass first before adding the trees and sky?”


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