The ‘Glory’ of God’s Creation


I had a cold the other day, and it reminded me of the supposed ‘glory’ of God’s creation. Too many people focus on the positive things in the world and attribute them to God. Let’s take a look at some of the things God made that make it seem as though he was on drugs.

We’ll start of with the plant world. There are an abundance of harmless plants out there that look nice and provide food, and then there’s Rafflesia Arnoldii, a giant flower which stinks like rotting flesh. But luckily, asides from making people feel sick, it’s relatively harmless. The same can’t be said for plants like the Oleander, Foxglove, or Wolf’s Bane. Not only are these plants poisonous, but they are disguised as something completely harmless. God is trying his hardest to kill us all off, from making horrible plants with giant spikes all over them, to making ones which look edible but are lethal, some of which can burn your skin off if you so much as touch them.

But at least plants can’t move! The same can’t be said for the most vile creatures in existence – insects and arachnids. I’m not calling them vile because I don’t like them, I’m calling them vile because of what they do to each other – many of them have the ability to paralyze their prey, lay eggs in them, and then have the larvae eat them alive from the inside out. And seeing as they do these things to each other, it’s not much of a surprise that they try to do it to us, too.

For instance, Bullet ants are nasty little creatures with a bite so painful that it feels like you’ve been shot. Other horrible ants include the Bulldog ant, with such a strong bite that they stay holding on even when dead (they make good makeshift stitches) and army ants, with jaws longer than their entire heads.

Flies are not just annoying, some species (like the bot fly) can lay their eggs on mosquitoes, which transfer onto humans. When the eggs hatch the maggots will then bury themselves into their host’s flesh.

There is a whole host of dangerous and horrible insects out there, including assassin bugs, kissing bugs, Siafu ants, and let’s not forget the mosquito, the most dangerous animal in the world. Then of course there are the arachnids that can kill you in a matter of hours. Brazilian Wandering spiders and Sydney Funnel webs being some of the worst.

But the worst of all are the parasites, which vary from the three-foot long Guinea worm which lives under its host’s skin, to the Filarial worm, which causes massive swelling of the legs. But there aren’t just worms, there’s also other creatures, like nematodes that cause blindness, parasites which create huge sores on the body, blood-drinking catfish that are even more feared in the amazon than piranhas, and amoebas which destroy the brain.

What was going through God’s head when he made these? Is the punishment for the sins of some people (which according the the majority of Christians didn’t exist) really this hideous?

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