The New Bible – Genesis 41


The pharaoh has a dream that nobody can interpret, and Joseph somehow becomes the overseer of Egypt.

  1. Thanks to the forgetfulness of the cupbearer, Joseph is forgotten about, and two whole years pass.

2. The pharaoh had a very strange dream one night. He was standing by the Nile, when seven healthy cows came up out of the water, followed by seven ugly, monstrous cows. As we’ll see later, God has an obsession with the number seven.

3. The ugly and monstrous cows attacked and ate the healthy ones, and the pharaoh woke up. He went to sleep again and had a second dream, where seven healthy heads of wheat were ‘eaten’ by seven unhealthy grains.

4. The pharaoh called for the ‘magicians’ and wise men of Egypt, but somehow none of them could make up some random story and give it to him as an ‘interpretation.’

5. The cupbearer then remembered about Joseph, and told the pharaoh. The pharaoh called for Joseph, and told him about his dreams.

6. “I had a dream, but no-one can interpret it” the pharaoh said, “I cannot do it, but God can” Joseph said, for some reason giving all of the credit to God.

7. The pharaoh told Joseph about his dreams, and Joseph immediately pulled up the first random story that came to mind. “God is telling you what he is about to do,” Joseph explained,

8. “There will be seven years of abundance, which represents the healthy cows and the healthy grain, but after that there will be seven years of famine, and the good years will be forgotten about. The reason you had the dream twice is because God has made up his mind and will do it soon.”

9. “But why does God want to do this?” The pharaoh asked, “Maybe he’s just messing with you. God works in mysterious ways, after all” Joseph replied.

10. Now the pharaoh was not an idiot, and decided to make the most of the years of abundance. He would take a fifth of all of the food that was harvested and set it aside for when the famine struck.

11. “You have interpreted my dream, so I will put you in charge over everything in Egypt” The pharaoh said to Joseph. It was a rather odd thing to do, but Joseph didn’t question it.

12. So the pharaoh did what a lot of the people in those days did – rename things. The pharaoh changed Joseph’s name to the easy-to-spell name of Zaphenath-Paneah, and he ‘gave’ him a wife.

13. During the seven years of abundance Joseph went about collecting all of the food as the pharaoh had decided, and there was so much food by the end of the seven years he had decided to not bother counting it.

14. The seven years of famine struck, just as Joseph had predicted, and while all of the other lands suffered the Egyptians had food. The people went to Joseph and the pharaoh, and they SOLD the food back to the people.

15. They confiscated the food for seven years, and then sold it back to the people. And the people of other lands came to buy food, because the famine was everywhere.


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