Heading into 2016

It might not yet be 2016 in some parts of the world quite yet, but here in NZ it is January first, and while it is not quite the one year anniversary of Counter Creationist, I thought that I would make a quick post talking about my plans for the new year.

With over 180 posts  and counting this blog is set to keep going for a long time, and there are few specific things I have set. Of course the New Bible series will continue, and it is creeping closer to Exodus. I hope to run a handful of other small series once in a while, perhaps debunking a website every so often. I have plans to write about Jesus and the stories of the New Testament a bit more, and perhaps I will delve into the topics surrounding third-wave feminism.

This is also an opportune time to mention that I have a Facebook page for this blog, which can be found here, so if you want to like it and make sure you never miss a post, feel free to do so!

To be honest there is not much to talk about, but know that there are many interesting and entertaining posts planned for the future!


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