Judgement day

We should all know by now that trying to predict Judgement day is a really, really stupid idea. People have tried time and time again, but have failed. This well-presented video by the Thinking Atheist focuses specifically on the massive fail that took place when Christians predicted that the world would end in 2011.


8 thoughts on “Judgement day

  1. Unfortunately, such “end of the world scenario” that will happen at some specific point in time is not so Christian. I’m disappointed for being so much misrepresented and so many claiming to be Christians when they are not fully so.


    • This is the usual claim that those who don’t agree with self-proclaimed Christian aren’t True Christians.

      Christians have been claiming that they know when they’ll get their special magical present and won’t have to die for at least a thousand years. Still waiting for Christians to show that their personal version is the only right one.


      • In the same way that some scientists don’t agree with self-proclaimed scientists. 🙂 One may change “scientists” with “philosophers” or any other word here. Amazing that such statements are actually true in many sense. Cheers!


        • hmmm who are these scientists and self-proclaimed scientists? what is a “self-proclaimed scientist’ anyway? Please do give some examples for I am guessing that you are trying to pretend there is an analogy here and there isn’t one.

          And who are the true philosophers and those self proclaimed ones. Indeed how can I tell between those last two?


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