Christmas only for Christians? Um, no!

A very well-presented post about Christmas, Jesus and the Constitution!

The southern heretic

‘Christmas is all about Jesus’? Eh, maybe if you are Christian.
Today I stumbled across an article on USAtoday regarding a Pastor from Clarksville, Tennessee who is trying to get signs in yards claiming “Christmas is all about Jesus.” According to Pastor Jimmy Terry he plans on bringing back the true meaning of Christmas. In his views, it would appear to be a celebration of the birth of Jesus. He feels the commercialization has poisoned this holy holiday along with Easter.
Terry exclaimed, “The two holiest days in human history have been desecrated.” A bit of an overstatement there, as I’m sure the other 60% of the globe don’t see them that way. He then went on to claim about Riverside Drive in Clarksville that, “They have all these trees lit up and a beautiful outline of a riverboat, but not one manger scene. We have let Satan dethrone Jesus…

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