There are two things I dislike about Christianity, well, two main things at least. The first is Hell, as I’ve made clear in previous blog posts. The second is the fact that religions like Christianity teach people that they are worthless.

I have been in a few conversations with people about this, the most recent being where someone told me that “As sinners, humans are filthy and horrifyingly unworthy in the face of the holy God. When they are met with this holiness and glory, they will fear the judgement, the ineffable contrast, and the unimaginable shame.” Well, there is enough depression and low self esteem in the world, and religion isn’t helping!

Religion tells people that they are worthless, unworthy sinners who deserve to burn in Hell for eternity. That is not a nice message, and that is not an enticement to believe. On a related topic, this is also a reason excuse as to why God does not reveal himself – humans are not worthy/ready for it.

Besides the fact that such a lesson is a horrible one, there is still no evidence of this nonsense. Sure, humans can be ridiculously illogical and immature, and as a whole we are not a very nice species, but worthless and unworthy? I am pretty sure that worthless beings wouldn’t be able to do half the things our species has accomplished.

Anyway, I can see why the religion does this. Christianity is largely built on guilt and self-hatred. Everything is a sin, and you are doomed for just existing. Everything makes you a sinner, and it is designed to make you feel guilty. This can make people more insecure, and they are more likely to turn to their God. And of course, the religion was made by humans, who then used it to control the masses.

Image Courtesy of Salvatore Vuono at FreeDigitalPhotos.net


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