Religion and aliens


With so many planets and galaxies in the universe, there is an extremely high chance of alien life existing. And contrary to what many people think, especially creationists, a planet does not need much to support life, theoretically at least. Generally all a planet needs for life is water, an organic compound, and energy.

Obviously a planet needs to be rocky, and not a gas giant, and the laws of physics need to apply and all of that, but that is pretty much guaranteed. But for abiogenesis to happen you need water, heat, (which can come in the form of sunlight, geothermal vents, plate tectonics, etc.) And a collection of organic compounds that can combine to form DNA. Other things help, and without an atmosphere the life won’t be able to come out of the sea, but for microbial life you don’t need much.

With the amount of planets that we have discovered that have the potential to have life, there is a high possibility that alien life exists, but what does that mean for religion? While religion and aliens could be compatible, it raises some questions:

If God loves us so much, why did he make life-forms on other planets? Especially if they are intelligent life-forms.

Was there an alien Jesus? Or are aliens doomed to burn in Hell because Jesus was sent to only our planet?

While the Bible does not say anything about alien life, it would seem odd that if God was so focused on humans and the earth he would make life on other planets. The discovery of alien life would not damage religion that much, but people would have to again adjust their faith to fit around the discovery, just like people did when evolution was discovered, and when we learnt that earth was not the center of the universe.

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5 thoughts on “Religion and aliens

  1. I agree with you. I believe in the expanding universe theory, so I’m almost certain that alien life does exist. Regarding religion, I believe that God created life on other planets. I don’t know the exact reason, but since I do believe in alien life, he had to. They may not live the same way that we do, but then again I have no idea. It’s interesting to think about things like this. I just made a very similar post yesterday. I enjoyed your post!


  2. great post. I think that the discovery of alien life is along the lines of how heliocentrism hurt religion. You are quite right in pointing out that it makes us not the center of the universe. and that’s what so many theists desperately want to be, the center of the universe that has a omnimax being at their beck and call.


  3. I have an SDA friend who firmly believes there is life on other planets. I’ve asked him about this–how he views this in light of what the Bible says (and doesn’t say) and about how these aliens might achieve salvation. His (non)answer is always that the Bible only tells us what we need to know; and we don’t need to know about those planets. God has surely figured out how to take care of them too.

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