Ten Questions For Christians

This video, posted by a YouTuber by the name of TruthSurge, features ten questions that he claims that Christians can’t answer. Whether they can or not is debatable, and I probably won’t be debating them, but by all means head over to his channel and discuss it with someone there.

The video is the second part of a two part series, and I featured this one instead of the first because the first is more aimed at Young Earth Creationists. What with the sound effects and faces the video seems more like comedy than anything, but it might be an interesting watch.


10 thoughts on “Ten Questions For Christians

  1. Truthsurge is great.
    Here’s another question. Why is Jesus okay with violence?
    “The kingdom of heaven advances through violence, and violent men take it by force.” – JESUS (Matthew 11:12)


  2. Good points here provided for clarification on the Christian Faith. Per point #10, the most serious allegation, one needs to read on the Biblical passages in the light of the context to which Christ was making as well as the correct interpretation of the Mosaic Law (e.g. He clarifies that some of the derivations of the law such as the concession for divorce was made out of the “hardness of the heart”). It must be taken in the context of the “two greatest commandments” and from the “ten commandments.”

    The other points are simply mis-interpretation of the Biblical passages. The other points especially on Point #3 and the like are already answered by St. Thomas Aquinas.

    The Sacrifice of His Only Son is through a true human death out of justice. But out of mercy, God, being the Creator must have wanted all to live in His Presence. I believe that questions like these has already been answered by many theologians such as St. Augustine and St. Thomas Aquinas. http://www.agapebiblestudy.com/documents/St.%20Augustine…

    I think these are not questions that Christians **can’t** answer, rather that the answers are quite hard to put across. 🙂


    • How can you be sure that they are misinterpretations? How can you be sure that your interpretation is right and that other people’s interpretations are wrong? The problem with interpreting the Bible is that nobody can agree what it means. That’s why there’s so many denominations.

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      • This is the reason why it has to be interpreted by the same Church that produced it. In the same vein, how can anybody dismiss any claim at all? Only the Church can make definitive (de fine, final) decisions regarding interpretations of the Scripture. “How would i understand without someone to teach?”

        Science without the scientist is merely a collection of data. Senses without intellect cannot produce will.


          • What if that large collection of books has been accompanied by “intellect” that is persons who has corrected wrong interpretations of the same? Proof: General Councils have been called for correcting such “errors” interpreting the books wrongly. This “errors” are labeled as heresies or departure from the apostolic teachings.

            Just as any scientific data cannot stand on their own as they cannot interpret themselves and they need scientists (people) to make sense of them, the Scriptures need the Living Church as its authoritative interpreter of the input religious data (scriptures).


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