Is Christianity Sadistic?


I am not going to jump ahead and say that it is, but there are one or two aspects of Christianity that are particularly troubling. This comes, surprise surprise, in the form of Hell. There is debate over what the Christian Hell is actually like, and if it exists at all, (more on that here) but the idea of a place like Jesus describes is sadistic and troubling.

Do you honestly think that there is anyone who ever lived who deserves Hell? You can name people like Hitler and Stalin, but are their crimes punishable by eternal torment? Perhaps for a day, or maybe a few years, but for eternity? And that is only the beginning, according to the Bible you can get sent to Hell for all sorts of reasons, from as little as being a coward. (Revelation 21:8) In fact, humans are supposedly doomed to Hell to begin with!

I just want you to sit and contemplate that for a moment. The idea that a supposedly loving God will quite happily send an innocent person to burn for eternity in a lake of fire and not think twice about it. That is something only a sadistic psychopath would do. You can make excuses and rationalizations all you want, but the fact still remains.

I think that I am using nicer wording than I could, and perhaps not communicating the full sadism that is the concept of Hell. Luckily this site makes a perfect example for you to contemplate!  Just read that and see if your image of a loving God remains, because if Hell exists and it is the Hell Jesus describes, saying that God is a sadistic psychopath is a massive understatement.

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2 thoughts on “Is Christianity Sadistic?

  1. The only way to avoid the conclusion that this god is a sadistic monster is to not read the bible and only believe what your pastor/priest says. After sitting through years of sermons, and then reading the bible for myself, I realized just how expurgated most Christianity is.

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