Movie review – “God’s Not Dead”

It’s been all over the place, and there are a few things I have to say about this Christian propaganda film. In case you didn’t know, The movie ‘God’s Not Dead’ is a 2014 film that is described as a ‘Christian Drama’. I saw the movie, and I am not impressed in the slightest.

The main thing that annoys me is how the movie is completely biased and one-sided. The movie itself spreads the false idea that Christians are all super nice and happy and everyone else is either miserable, evil and/or unhappy. Secondly, the main plot is a bit ridiculous. You expect me to believe that there is a whole class of atheists with one Christian in a philosophy class that is set up like ‘atheism’ class. What sort of professor would come in and demand that people admit that God doesn’t exist or he would fail them?

It doesn’t help that the professor shouldn’t even be in there in the first place. A real philosophy teacher should be able to defeat the stupid arguments in the debate scenes. The first scene is a load of rubbish with the professor saying that ‘God doesn’t exist because this smart guy (Stephen Hawking) said so, and the Christian later replies ‘oh yea, well, this other guy said that your smart guy is wrong, and here’s a book, cause that’s all the proof a Christian needs.’ Obviously those aren’t the real words, but they might as well have been.

Other highlights from the debate scene include the Christian trying to say that God created the big bang because of a verse  in genesis, ‘let there be light’ (ignoring the fact that the expansion might not have even caused light) and then answering the problem of evil with ‘God is getting around to it, we just have to put up with evil for now.’ And as I pointed out in one of my last posts, ‘defining omnibenevolence and the problem of evil‘, this doesn’t work.

Morality comes up in the debate too, and the Christian argues that without God, cheating at his test wouldn’t be ‘wrong’ because it would be helping him succeed. Well, I have to say a few things about this: 1. if you need God to be good, then shame on you! If you can’t behave decently without God then you are not a good person. 2. Yes, cheating wouldn’t be a bad thing on a universal scale, but have you ever heard of Secular Moral Philosophy? Lots of people don’t cheat because it is defined by humans as ‘bad’, not because it is defined as ‘bad’ by an ancient book that says nothing bad about slavery, but allows sexism, homophobia and discrimination.

The thing that ends the debate is the Christian doing what street preachers do best: plugging their ears and screaming their religion at people. The Christian asks (well, shouts multiple times) the question ‘why do you hate God?’ The atheist actually responds and has a reason, proving that the movie has built a ‘fake’ atheist that does not represent the real atheist community. Atheists don’t hate God, just like they don’t hate the tooth fairy or any other made-up being. And if we do hate God it’s because he is a selfish, malevolent, evil, unjust and immoral monster, especially in the Old Testament.

More evidence that the movie is biased is the fact that the only Muslim has an abusive father and then later… guess what… converts to Christianity! This movie is not about all religions, it is all about Christianity and how it’s supposed to be so great. Furthermore, the main atheist in the film gets hit by a car and converts! This movie spreads the message that you are either Christian or you are unhappy/doomed.

And right at the end they tell you to ‘join the movement’ and text the words ‘God’s Not Dead’ to everyone you know. If this isn’t a gigantic advertising campaign then I don’t know what is!

If it isn’t clear by now, I dislike the plot, the stereotypes, the intolerance, the false messages, the pitiful debate scenes, the way they use unrealistic ‘fake atheists’ and the advertising. So I don’t think I need to actively rate it.


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