God Vs Jesus

ID-100146575Who will win? The son of God who can perform many miracles and cheat death, or the creator of the universe? Of course for this ‘competition’ we must assume that Christianity is true and God ’caused the Big Bang’ or something like that. We must also count God and Jesus as two separate beings, not as part of the trinity, this is to avoid complications.

God: Created the universe. God supposedly created the universe in all its size and complexity. Billions of galaxies across vast distances, God made it all. Seems kind of stupid that he spent most of his time dealing with a tiny rock in the middle of nowhere.

Jesus: Walked on water. Kind of boring when you consider that animals can do it (such as the water walking spider or the basilisk lizard). Not to mention any magician can pull off this trick by filling the body of water with corn flour.

God: Power to end all life, killed 2.4 million in the Bible. God has the power to kill everything in an instant, and he demonstrates that quite well in the Bible. But of course he shouldn’t, because he’s omnibenevolent.

Jesus: Healed some people. Jesus healed the sick, cured the blind, and apparently cast out demons. Ignoring the fact that ancient people thought things such as epilepsy were demonic possessions, claiming to cure someone with epilepsy in those days were as simple as shouting a few random words and waiting until the epileptic fit had passed.

God: Omniscient, omnipotent, omnipresent and omnibenevolent. Infinite power and knowledge – if you ignore the logical issues and problems that arise, nothing can really beat this.

Jesus: Converted a handful of people and helped Christianity spread. He only convinced about twelve people of his divinity, but at least he got the religion going. He said one time in the Bible that he could call ‘twelve legions of angels’ to his aid, but he never did. Which is kind of stupid considering how much more he could have accomplished with that much man-power (or flying man-power, as angels of the Lord are often depicted)

I think God will is definitely the winner here. This is like the CEO of a worldwide, billion dollar company having a son who grows up to become the manager of a local fast food outlet.

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at FreeDigitalPhotos.net


2 thoughts on “God Vs Jesus

    • Jesus wasn’t exactly a pacifist either! He’s the one who is involved in the whole rapture deal, where he will return and kill billions of people for not believing in him.


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