Stalin and Jesus were very, very similar, and this post shows exactly how.

Atheist Max

stalin-icon-03a Stalin is shown with a halo in a Russian Orthodox Icon. Stalin is worshipped by the church as a demigod.

Murderous regimes of the the 20th century such as the Russian Josef Stalin get a bad reputation. And rightly so. Stalin killed millions of his own citizens for failing to worship their leader.

But is Stalinism the same as Atheism? Was Stalinist Russia so unlike religion?

#1. Stalin and Jesus demanded total control.

Stalin was sole judge over what Russians could read or listen to. Stalin claimed the right to total and absolute control of each Russian from birth to death.

Jesus is the sole judge, “He who is not with me is against me…” – JESUS (Matthew 12:30)
Jesus claims absolute authority over every decision from birth to death – All must be baptized at birth and receive Christian burial – it adds up to total control which continues after death.

#2. Stalin and…

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