God – the biggest sinner of them all


There are many, many things that the God of the Bible declares as a sin. From the obvious like murder, theft and lying, to Leviticus sins like being tattooed and cutting your hair. But besides the fact that God allows evil, he is actually a sinner. Bible verses have been added to prove that these things are sins, but seeing as you don’t always get a neat list ordering out sins, some are more evidence than others. But a lot of the things God does the Bible doesn’t approve of.

  • God punishes people if they worship other Gods, this is called both envy and jealousy, and  they are sins according to Galatians 5:19-21.
  • God lets disasters and tragedies happen when he could have stopped them, this is called sloth and is a sin according to Proverbs 20:4.
  • God expects his followers to devote their lives to him, this is called pride and is a sin according to Psalms 59:12.
  • God insists that followers pay him in one way or another, be it with money, offerings or submission, this is called greed and is a sin according to 1 Corinthians 6:9-10.
  • God is a murderer, which violates most bible verses about morality and law.
  • God intends of being part of every marriage, this is called lust and is a sin according to  Exodus 20:14.
  • Jesus lies about prayer, and Jesus is God, so God lies about prayer, this is called bearing false witness and is a sin according to Exodus 20:16. (Article about Jesus lying can be found here)

So, God has committed his fair share of sins and crimes, including murdering 2 million people in the Bible, being selfish, insecure, and short-tempered. Who is God to call us sinners when he is the biggest sinner of them all – he even invented sin! Proof that God invented evil, and therefor sin, can be found in Isaiah 45:7.

Further reading:

Bible verse of the day #32 (references Isaiah 45:7)

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6 thoughts on “God – the biggest sinner of them all

      • Perhaps our interpretation is inadequate as far as the allegation that God sins against himself. Aren’t we judging the past using the present as reference? Or perhaps we don’t know all details? For example, the Pharisees and Sadducees were wrong in their allegations to Jesus “violating” the Sabbath Law.. My point being that we are unable to know the complete details to judge that God transgressed his Nature as God.


  1. Maybe all those things are sins not because they are morally incorrect, but because they are actions reserved only for God. He could have just said, “don’t do things only God is allowed to do” but I imagine that wouldn’t be specific enough. Or, maybe God is an asshole.


  2. When a father snatches the son from imminent danger, the innocent son would shout “ouch” and not understand what happened. Perhaps he will never know that he was saved from an untimely death, instead he remembered that hurtful pull he thinks he never deserves.

    The judgement of God through others (such as killing those who are supposed to die) is as natural and proper to God as Judge and Executor and being All Knowing. He knows all circumstances. Perhaps if we are given the chance to see through God’s eyes, we would be cruel executing every human tribe in the Old Testament times (OT). To think how God executes the violators in the OT all sinners in Israel as well as all the neighboring pagan nations (e.g. Sodom and Gomorrah) such as the Canaanites and Hittites, still the Jews in the OT **thinks** that God is merciful? How is this? Perhaps their means of justice in their time frame is harsher than this. We should not judge the past using the understanding and protocols of the present.


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