How does Heaven work?


Whilst watching an atheist commentary of the film ‘Heaven is for real’ I found an interesting part of the film. Apparently the child who died met his sister in Heaven, the thing is, his sister was a miscarriage on earth, but a child in Heaven. This raises a few questions.

What age are people in Heaven? If someone dies old, do they go to Heaven as old people? And if someone is aborted, are they fetuses in Heaven?

Is abortion doing the unborn child a favor? Won’t they just automatically go to Heaven without having to go through the process of being saved and living in a world of sin? Or do unborn children automatically go to Hell?

If an unborn child dies and goes to Heaven, who names them? Do they get names? Or are they just referred to as numbers?

Will we have the same bodies in Heaven? Are there different races? Or do we get to change into whatever we want? Do we even have bodies at all, or are we just spirits?

Do you have to eat and drink in Heaven? And do we have to learn things in Heaven? It would be very boring if everyone is the same and knows everything – but then again the omniscient God of the Bible isn’t very omniscient at times.

Many say that humans will be very occupied in Heaven worshiping God, but that is very similar to slavery. Why do you have to spend all your time praising a divine creator for every little thing? Don’t Christians do enough of that on earth?

Will people be married in Heaven? Is divorce allowed?

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