How trustworthy is the Bible?


Why don’t you watch a football game that is in a language that you don’t understand, then relay the events to your descendants for a few hundred years – about 500 should do nicely, make sure your descendants exaggerate the story to make it more interesting. After those hundreds of years your descendants should write this story down in dead languages, mixing them in with other stories and making sure to copy everybody else’s work too. Then your descendants should wait another couple of hundred years, occasionally translating the manuscript, adding bits, removing bits, shuffling it about, losing original versions, coping other’s work again, rearranging it, then translating it again. After a few hundred years of that they can finish the manuscript and preach the tales of the great football game?

This is actually very similar to the Bible, the oldest bits of the Bible are copies of copies, and the book itself has been translated and rearranged countless times. Bits have been added, bits have been removed, entire books have been shuffled about, and the entire thing is very similar to other religions, such as Paganism, Egyptian mythology, Roman and Greek mythology, the Sumerian religion, and a bit of Hinduism here and there.

Do you still think that the Bible is a reliable account of history? If God exists, the Bible probably isn’t even a reliable account of his own works! You might go to Heaven and find out that everything is completely different! If you consider the translations alone you find that it is very easy to misinterpret the Bible. For instance, the commandment ‘you shall have no other Gods before me’ directly translates into English as ‘Gods, you shall have not, my face beside other.’ And that is just one verse, imagine trying to decipher the entire Bible.

So I don’t think that the Bible is an accurate account of history at all – or anything for that matter; it even gets basic maths and science wrong. I’m not even sure that the Bible is reliable when it is talking about God.

“If the Bible wasn’t right about where we came from, how can we trust that it is right about where we are going?” – Unknown

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2 thoughts on “How trustworthy is the Bible?

  1. Christians frequently talk about how much of the Bible is “proven.” They gloat that many of the cities, nations, customs, architecture, kings, rulers, etc. have all been verified as fact. Actually, I do not dispute this. The problem is that, as Matt Dillahunty has noted, if future archaeologists dig up New York City, this will not prove to them that Spider Man existed.

    Yes, much of the Bible is set against a historical backdrop. Yes, parts of the Old Testament cover the history of the Jews. No, this does not mean that it is possible that a Jewish zombie from Palestine can make me immortal if I partake in symbolic rituals of cannibalism.

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