God created us? Then he failed Biology class


If God created everything, including humans, then he really isn’t that good at creating things. For instance, we have many, many biological flaws. All of these flaws are by-products of evolution, but if God exists, he should have at least made sure that his creations function effectively.

Blind spots – Humans have blind spots in our eyes that are a result of a process in embryological development, and blind spots are at least useless, if not a bad thing. Furthermore, our eyes see things upside-down, our brains have to flip the images around so that we can see things properly.

We cannot Bio-synthesize our own vitamin C – unlike many animals, such as Guinea Pigs, other primates, and some types of birds, humans are not able to produce vitamin C, leading to problems like Scurvy. On top of that, we have bacteria in our bowels that produce the vitamins and minerals that our bodies naturally can’t, but when this process is disrupted we can get life-threatening conditions such as peritonitis.

Bad backs, knees and feet – When our species evolved to become bipedal, it left some unfortunate side effects. Our spines and legs are not meant to  hold all our body weight, all the time, so as a result we get tons of disorders and complications as we get older. Our feet are also ridiculously over-complicated, if God made us he did a really bad job.

We get a single set of adult teeth – Only one set of teeth to last up to 70 or more years – this is evidence that humans were not meant to live so long, and it is also evidence that God wasn’t thinking straight when he ‘created’ us. Even of God didn’t personally create us, if he cared about us you would have thought that he would fix it.

Our instinctively ‘bad’ diets – We are so fond of ‘junk’ foods because it’s an evolutionary by-product; foods with large amounts of sugar, salt or fat in them were scarce in the wild, so primitive humans hunted these foods out, developing a craving for them. Because these foods are so abundant nowadays, humans are at great risk of getting overweight.

Tribalism – Humans are programmed to work in groups, the only problem is that we tend to work in small groups and mistrust anyone else. This ‘Us vs Them’ mentality is another evolutionary by-product, designed so that one group of humans would want to fight off another to defend land or food sources. This mentality is not very useful nowadays, as it hinders our ability to function in a large society with many different groups of people.

There are other examples including inefficient sinuses and other internal problems, but those are some major ones. Animals have their fair share of bad traits too, so everything is affected. If God created us, he should have known about all of these errors and worked his best to avoid or fix them.

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8 thoughts on “God created us? Then he failed Biology class

  1. If God had made us perfect, then we wouldn’t need Him.. right? He allowed all these so that we’d learn to lean on him. It is refreshing to know that there is something/someone bigger than us… to know that it gets better than all the flaws you’ve listed. Him alone is perfection. Our goal is to recognize that, and trust in it.


    • Being ‘perfect’ mentally and being ‘perfect’ physically are two very different things; ignoring the fact that the definition of the word ‘perfect’ is very important here, God could have made humans without massive biological flaws and still include a reason for humans to ‘need’ him.


      • Then why wouldn’t he?
        And not to mention… things such as Bone-Cancer in children? Suffering of those with diseases? If he has the power to stop it, would him NOT stopping it not be a horrible act of non-Love? Seems contradictory.


    • But if we are “made in his image”, then your stance would say that God is imperfect, which takes the whole aspect and preface of God being all-perfect/all-knowing/omnipotent/omniscient/etc out of the picture.
      And also, why, of all things, would God want THAT to be our goal? Of everything that can be done, thats what God wants our goal to be? Seems strange…


      • “Made in His image” does not compare Him to us, it compares us to Him. In order to fully understand a verse, you must read it in context.. or at least, read it all.
        “Let Us make man in Our image, according to Our likeness; and let them rule over the fish of the sea and over the birds of the sky and over the cattle and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creeps on the earth.”


  2. If I may add my personal favorite example: The recurrent laryngeal nerve which runs from the brain to the larynx and assists in speaking and swallowing. Seems straightforward enough, right? The problem is that instead of taking the direct route of a few inches, this nerve descends into the chest cavity and loops around the aorta before returning to the larynx. Of course, this is not too much further in humans, but think of the giraffe. The laryngeal nerve of the giraffe is 14 feet longer than necessary! Of course, if you understand evolution, you know that this happened as the gill arches moved back into the chest cavity, taking the loop of the laryngeal nerve with it.

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