Marriage equality in all 50 states


It’s been all over the news, but I thought that I might as well make a comment on the legalization of gay marriage in all 50 states. The supreme court ruled that preventing gay marriage is ‘unconstitutional’ and is not legal, so this is a massive win for proponents of marriage equality.

We shouldn’t celebrate too soon though, this is merely a battle in the long war. There are still plenty of laws that need to be enforced to prevent discrimination against the LGBT community. But legalizing gay marriage across the US is never the less a major win.

I can’t see how so many people fight to suppress gays and prevent these laws from being passed though – all for the sake of a book written by primitive goat herders. Christians don’t disapprove of divorce, even though the Bible tells them they should many, many times.

I am sure that many Christians approve of gay marriage, and are not bigots like those who don’t, but there have been enough bigots around to fight gay rights for a long time. Overall my comment on this whole thing is that it is good to see that the supreme court and many US citizens are fighting the people who think that gays should be denied rights simply for the fact that their 2000 year old Holy book frowns upon it. If your book says gay marriage is wrong, don’t have a gay marriage. Don’t force other people to follow your rules.

There has never been decent support for bigotry; Christians – and people in general – who fight against gay rights are just unnecessarily being hateful bigots with no justification other than some book; the same book, I might add, that hates divorce and tells you to kill people. (check Leviticus for examples)

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One thought on “Marriage equality in all 50 states

  1. Great article. I’ve written 3 already on the topic of the supreme court ruling, one specifically regarding the “Christians” having such an outrage, and how contradictory that is.
    What I find more humorous is the Governors telling their government workers they have the “Constitutional right” to refuse issuing the liscense. I guess we’ve thrown “Separation of Church and State” out the window…But isn’t it funny these same people claim the “Founding Fathers” were Bible beating Christians. Ah, the non-logic.


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