Money is God


If you think about it, the roles of religion compare very well to the roles of finance.

Money is God,
Greed is king.
Having lots is Heaven,
Having none is Hell.
Banks are Churches,
Bankers are priests,
The rich are saints,
The poor are sinners.

It has caused war,
It has caused revolution,
It has caused hatred.

It has helped lives,
And it has destroyed them.

Different countries have different money,
There are different types;
And Quarters, just to name a few,
But they are all the same sort of thing.

People call it good,
People call it evil.
But money is money, and at least we know it exists.

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2 thoughts on “Money is God

  1. If you would think about it: money = grace; then most of the lines here are true. The reason for being poor is by refusing to ask for them. War, revolution and hatred is in the heart. It exists whether we are willing to see it or not.


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