The Gods of the Bible


It is interesting to note that the Christian God might not be the only one that Christians are supposed to believe in. And this is why:

The ancient Hebrew word for ‘God’ is Eloah, and it shows up about 250 times in the Old Testament, but the plural word for ‘God’ is Elohim, and it shows up about 2500 times in the Old Testament. A literal interpretation of Genesis 1 would be: ‘on the first day, GODS created the Heavens and the earth.’ Furthermore, God says that you must only worship one God, the jealous one. He doesn’t say that he is the only one.

You can argue that ‘Elohim’ is referring to the Holy Trinity, but that only shows up in the New Testament, not the old one. On top of that, if the ‘gods’ was referring to the Trinity, does that make Jesus and the Holy Spirit gods too? There are some verses where God says that he is the Lord, and the Lord is one, but that also contradicts the Trinity, so where does that leave us?

The Bible mentions other Gods too, like Chemosh, Dagon, Nisroch, Nergon and Rimmon. Sam 5:2-3 is an example of Dagon and his temple.

So we are left with lots of Gods, a Trinity, or one lone God; all of which are contradicted by other verses from the Bible itself.

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4 thoughts on “The Gods of the Bible

  1. I suspect the term God means different things to different people. Before science started to make sense of the world and the universe it was assumed that a God or Gods were responsible for everything and every phenomenon that happened that was not understood. Because nature can be frightening it was assumed these Gods/ or God must be placated to lessen the risk. eg making sacrifices to stop God punishing you with famine/flood/disease/earthquake etc. Because nature has a habit of self repairing the sacrifices seemed to work!!! eg sick people usually get better, drought is eventually broken, earthquakes stop quaking – it is hardly surprising that primitive religions started with primitive notions. Because education is slow to take effect some still believe in these primitive notions eg those who claim AIDS or Tsunamis are God’s punishment. After all science use to do exactly the same. In the Bible you can see a gradual evolution of the notion of God – to a sort of an understanding that Love is the important principle to live by – and that the mysterious notion of a God force behind creation isn’t very different to the current search in science for understanding of the creative process eg the Hadron Collider/ “God Particle” idea.

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  2. When light is now best described as BOTH a particle and a wave AT THE SAME TIME, meaning both local and everywhere, no question or doubt there. A circle is both having NO SIDE and infinite number of sides. Sometimes reality cannot be captured perfectly by human speech or human mind.

    If God is bound by human counting (plurality or singularity) then He would not be God. Moreover the concept of Trinity though surprisingly simple is often misunderstood by many as it differentiates between nature and persons as philosophical notions. Thus one nature and three persons should be a philosophical curiosity.


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