Faith Healing


Imagine for a minute that one of your friends or family is very ill, and you take them to seek help from a doctor. This doctor says that he might help them if you ask him enough, so over weeks and weeks you keep asking the doctor, with barely any reply, all the time your friend/family member slowly suffers and dies. And when they finally die, without the doctor even taking a look at them, the hospital’s only response is ‘the doctor works in mysterious ways,’ or ‘it’s all part of the doctor’s plan.’ Would you accept that? Probably not, you would sue the doctor for everything he has for the fact that he failed to look after his patient. This brings me to the point of this post – if people would sue a doctor like that, why do people have such a different reaction to God?

Occasionally we get the odd person on the news who has denied either themselves or their children medical attention for a curable illness because they believe that praying to God is more effective – often with fatal results. One woman even kept her dead husband in a room for 6 months praying that he would be resurrected! Unfortunately a few states in the US allow this, and claim that the parents should not be charged with murder because their case had religious belief involved – you see this is why we should have atheists as judges and politicians.

And if prayer was so effective, then it should be able to do a heck of a lot more than it does nowadays – which is virtually nothing. People often pray for immaterial things such as forgiveness, but rarely do they get any physical, material things; even if they pray for it.

“I used to pray to God for a new bike, but then I learned that’s not how God works. So I stole a bike and then prayed for forgiveness” – Unknown

Even the supposed healing springs dotted about the planet only cure about 2% of the people who go there, and all of those people have naturally curable conditions. So we can safely say that both healing springs and ‘faith healing’ are completely ineffective.

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