Born Atheist

In many ways I find that some Christians act as though people are born Christian and then later fooled by Satan to become atheists or people of other religions, but this is clearly not the case. Nobody is born with knowledge of religion, if you did not indoctrinate children into religions then they would never ‘find God’. I would have thought that if an all-loving, all-powerful God did exist, he would pre-program his creations so that they automatically new he existed, erasing any possible doubt from the question.

But are babies atheists? In many ways yes, but they are atheists in the same way animals are atheists, or trees, or in-animate objects. At the earliest stages of their lives babies cannot even walk, never-mind comprehend the idea of a God. When they get older perhaps, but if you use atheism as ‘the position that there is no God’ then they can’t be atheists, because you have to have heard of God before you can say that he doesn’t exist.

But if you use atheism as ‘the rejection of a belief in a deity’ then yes, people who have never heard about deities are already atheists by default. In fact, they are not just atheists, like the rest of us godless people, they are ‘polyatheists’ – There are many gods that we don’t believe in!

Just something to think about: some people preach about religion and go on and on about it on the internet – and it was mostly created by atheists! For instance, if you make a post about religion on Facebook, you are using a social network created by an atheist (Mark Zuckerberg), using an OS created by a Buddhist (Steve Jobs), or an agnostic (Bill Gates), or maybe an atheist (Linus Torvalds), that is executed through hardware based on the hard work of an atheist (Alan Turing) that works thanks to the electric networks developed by a free-thinker (Nikola Tesla) – all of these people are not Christian!


3 thoughts on “Born Atheist

  1. Excellent! Technically, even people who believe in a god are all Atheists. Most Christians I have talked to have said to me that they don’t think that the Greek Gods ever existed, which makes them Atheists towards Greek Gods. Everybody is an Atheist, well, unless you believe every god in the world is an interpretation of the Christian God, which I think is extremely far-fetched.

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  2. Yes, all babies are atheists. Until someone convinces them that their god is the right one. And most people are atheists to at least one god…I don’t see many Christians losing sleep over not converting to Islam. If only they realized the thought process behind them not believing in a different god than their own, then they could possibly understand why we don’t believe in theirs. Nice post. 🙂


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