A better Bible


The Bible is supposed to be the ‘good book’, and it is – if you cut out 99% of it. If the Bible is the good book then I’d hate to see the bad book.

The original Bible talks about how humans fell from God thanks to Satan – whilst God allowed this, and now we have to apparently live in this world, become Christian, act morally and wait for old Jesus to finally return. Problem is, the whole deal of God, Satan and religion really gets in the way, so if you cut that out you are on the way to a better version of Christianity.

If you are a Creationist and you believe that the earth is only 6000 years old and all of that; you have to believe that instead of stopping Satan before the fall of man, or not making Satan in the first place, your God did nothing and knew what would come of it. It is almost as if he wanted evil to exist…

If you are a rational Christian and accept an old earth, evolution and the Big Bang then things become a bit easier. Death, disease, injury and ‘evil’ things have existed since the beginning of the universe, and it would make sense that in order to get into Heaven, humans have to not only survive, but thrive in this harsh world. Throw out the idea of faith and most of Jesus’ teachings and you’re left with a (not all-loving) God that watches humans on earth, humans must not only survive in a world that is filled with danger, but we must also thrive and do our best to act morally. When humans die this God will judge them and give them an appropriate  fate.

This not only seems more logical than Hell, Faith and Satan, but it gives a good reason for humans to exist; a test of morality, and it also explains why God doesn’t seem to care about us. But of course we’re still left with that invisible man…watching us…all the time…

Image courtesy of Janaka Dharmasena at FreeDigitalPhotos.net


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