Death Count in the Bible


Below are the many, many people that the ‘all-loving’ Christian God killed, helped kill or ordered the deaths of. We are only dealing with large numbers though, I’m not counting the many, many individual deaths. I also am not counting the deaths where specific figures are not given, such as the flood (about 20 million deaths) and the deaths of all first-born in Egypt (estimated 500,000 deaths)

(Exodus 14:6-8) God drowns the Egyptian army (600 chariots)

(Exodus 32: 27-28) 3000 dead for not being on God’s side.

(Numbers 16:35) God kills 250 people for burning incense.

(Numbers 16:49) 14,700 people think God is doing too much killing – God kills them.

(Numbers 25:1-11) God sends a plague to kill 24,000 people.

(Numbers 31:1-35) God orders the deaths of 6 kings, every Midianite male and all females who are not virgins.

(Deuteronomy 2:33-34) God orders the deaths of all inhabitants of 60 cities.

(Joshua 8:1-25) The king and all 12,000 inhabitants of Ai are killed.

(Joshua 10:28-42) cities of the south are destroyed according to God’s will.

(Joshua 11:8-12) cities of the north are also destroyed, God encourages this.

(Judges 1:4) 10,000 Canaanites and Perizzites slaughtered.

But then something amazing happened: God was with Judah, but they could not achieve victory because the enemy had chariots of Iron. Apparently if you want to defeat God you need Iron chariots. (Judges 1:19)

(Judges 3:28-29) 10,000 Moabites are killed.

(Judges 3:31) 600 Philistines killed.

(Judges 7:22 and 8:10) 120,000 men are slaughtered according to God’s will.

(Judges 9:23-57) 1000 men die because God sends a ‘spirit of ill will’.

(Judges 11:29-40) God grants him victory in battle so that he can slaughter 20 cities.

(Judges 12:4-7) 42,000 Ephraimites are murdered.

(Judges 15:14-15) 1000 men killed with the jawbone of a donkey.

(Judges 16:27-30) 3000 men and women are killed shortly after the donkey jawbone incident.

(Judges 20:18-48) 65,100 people die in a civil war that God orders.

(1 Samuel 2:25 and 4:3-11) God lets 34,000 Israelites to die in battle because he’s angry at one man.

(1 Samuel 6:19) Some men look inside the Ark, God kills all 50,070 of them.

(1 Samuel 18:27-28) God is with David and he kills 200 Philistines.

(2 Samuel 24:10-15) 70,000 people die in a plague that God sends.

(1 Kings 20:28-29) 100,000 die because they call God a ‘God of the hills’ but he wants to be ‘God of the valleys’ too.

(Isaiah 37:36) An Angel of the Lord kills 185,000 people.

(2 Chronicles 13:17-18) God kills 500,000 Israelites.

(2 Chronicles 14:9-14) God helps kill almost a million Ethiopians.

And that’s about it. God’s kill toll comes to about 2,470,000. Whereas Satan only kills Job’s sons and daughters, which amounts to a grand total of ten. Dear Christians, do you still think your God is all loving now?

Image courtesy of Waiting For The World at – image edited by mclasper

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