Bible verse of the day #7


This is a Bible verse that is quoted a few times, sometimes as an argument for God’s existence, but it holds no credibility. Psalm 14:1

“The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God. They are corrupt, they have done abominable works, there is none that doeth good.”

Okay, I don’t know what sort of crazy world the Bible is in, but it is completely wrong in many ways. Firstly, to all those quoting this verse: It doesn’t mean anything! Quoting the Bible in order to defend the Bible? Not going to work. Psalm 14:1 is a claim with no evidence, you can make up any old phrase or sentence, it doesn’t make it true.

Emotions and thoughts don’t come from the heart, this is just more proof that the Bible was written by primitive men who had no idea about how the world works. As for the claim that atheists are corrupt and do no good, well, this verse is just a lie and can easily be shown as such. Have you ever seen atheists starting Holy Wars? Or what about killing people in the name of God? I don’t think so. There are plenty of atheists in history and in the modern day who have contributed to society in a positive way. Bill Gates for instance started a charitable fund and donated millions to it, and studies show that atheism has strong correlations with intelligence. They have even shown that the more religious a country is, the more crime there is.

The author of Psalm 14 was just a furious guy ranting on about how bad atheists are to try and make a good reason to discriminate against them. “The fool hath said in his heart, there is no God” – and the wise man says it to the world.

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