Giving up free will


Whilst looking about on the internet I found this Christian quote, and it reminded me about how willing some people are to hand over their entire existence to their God:

“Jesus isn’t your copilot, he’s driving, and you’re in the back, on a stretcher”

Not entirely sure where this came from, it might have been a blog, or a quote with an unknown source. But anyway, I find it amazing that some people are so willing to let a divine being control them.

I guess that if the Christians believe that they worship a loving, moral God who personally cares about them then it is fine, but if you read the Bible you will see that this isn’t the case. Would an all-loving God send you to burn forever if you questioned his existence? I don’t think so.

An example of this ‘follow the leader’ deal is shown by the Bible verse “the Lord is my shepherd” (Psalm 23:1) – only sheep need a shepherd. Are you willing to give up all control you have over your existence and give it to a divine being who would kill you and send you to Hell in an instant? And let’s take a look at what shepherds do to their sheep; they kill them and sell them for the market. Shepherds only look after their sheep for a while, leading them about and telling them what to do, then comes time for slaughter! Of course not all shepherds kill their sheep, some of them are in the business for wool, but you get the idea. Shepherds don’t do it out of love of the sheep.

I suppose that some  people are happy giving up control of their lives and playing follow the leader with Jesus, but there is another part of this game – a disturbing one.

Take for instance when Paul said that he was ‘a slave of Christ’, or when other people of the Bible said they were ‘tools of God’. Think of the position of prayer, it looks like you are bowing to an invisible king. The harmless seeming verses about letting God guide your life pave way to verses commanding you to become a slave to your religion. The Bible is deceitful, trying to make you become a mindless servant for a tyrannical God.

As I mentioned before, it is not as if God is an all-loving being. God allows slavery, which is immoral by our standards, orders the deaths of people who break any of his commandments, and he picks favorites with ease. In the Bible slaves were mere property, do you think that being a slave of God is any better?  Jesus even showed the slave-master relationship compares perfectly with the human-God relationship, and I find this very disturbing, very disturbing indeed…

In many ways God is smarter than Satan, if the Bible is correct then it appears as though he pretends to be the good guy in order to control his followers.

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One thought on “Giving up free will

  1. Attempting to maintain complete control of my life only ends in misery. To the extent that I give up control to God, I become more free, not less. This may be hard to understand unless you experience it. It would be very arrogant of me to think I know best about what to do with my very limited knowledge of myself and the universe, and this it true of every human. Leaning on the One who knows everything is a freeing experience.


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