How To Remain Christian

Here are nine tips for everyone on how to stay religious and keep your 2000 year old, illogical stories in spite of modern day evidence and atheist’s arguments.

1. Don’t read the Bible – It’s the most powerful weapon for atheism ever created. Many atheists became who they are by reading the book they used to believe in.

2. Don’t research prophecies – Although the Bible makes lots of prophecies, if you researched them you would find that they are self-fulfilling, and many of them didn’t come true after all.

3. Don’t go to YouTube – Once there you can find many great videos about atheists debunking religion and exposing it as weak and illogical.

4. Don’t go to Church – It might cause you to question your beliefs, and we all know the Bible doesn’t encourage knowledge or logic!

5. Don’t compare your beliefs to ancient religions – If you do then you will see that much of the Bible is stolen from religions that came before it.

6. Don’t study science – Especially if you’re a Creationist; if you took the time to learn about science then you will see that evolution and an old earth are irrefutable facts.

7. Don’t debate with an atheist – Most often they will have arguments that your rationalizations will seem weak against.

8. Don’t study the origin of the Bible – We have no original versions, just copies of copies of copies…How about you watch a football game, then tell it as a story to your children and have them pass it on to their children for 500 years, at the end of it you will have something completely different to the original story, and this is the case for the Bible, as it’s stories were told for hundreds of years before it was written down.

9. Don’t read about Jesus – if you do then you will see that his story is completely stolen from Gods that came before him.

Basically stay completely ignorant of everything to do with religion and atheism. Just mindlessly follow your God like he wants you to, without applying any rational thought to it. But would your God really want you to mindlessly follow him like the Bible says? Or is it better to study and come to your own conclusion – although it is most likely to be atheism. Would your God actually want to burn you forever for simply not believing in him? and if so, why would a God like that be worth worshiping?

For more information check out my blog, and/or an interesting video on YouTube called ‘how to remain christian’ by ‘atheistminority’. It explains a few of the points that I make here in greater detail


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