Infinite Forgiveness?

According to the Bible, no matter what you do in life, you will be forgiven, if you but believe. However doesn’t that seem a bit pointless? If you can get into Heaven no matter what you do in life, as long as you are Christian, then that means that Heaven is going to be a pretty bad place. The Bible makes it clear that it doesn’t matter how much of a horrible, sadistic, monstrous person you are in life, all you have to do to get into Heaven is apologize to your God. This means that in Heaven you will have Hitler, the people that participated in the Crusades, the witch hunts, the Spanish Inquisition, and all of the horrible ancient kings who killed and tortured in the name of their God.

Is it fair that a good, moral person who is not a Christian would be sent to Hell, but a sadistic monster who is a Christian would be sent to Heaven? Don’t bother making the ‘but they’re not true Christians’ excuse, because that’s a No True Scotsman fallacy and it is completely irrelevant. (I did make an article about that fallacy, it can be found on my blog)

Would you rather a Hell filled with moral people or a Heaven filled with sadistic psychopaths, criminals and pedophiles? And if you’re the kind of person who needs a God to tell you what is moral and what is not, why would you bother being good in the first place? Of course if you’re a rational person this isn’t a problem, but if your sense of morality is dictated by your God, you pretty much get a free pass into Heaven anyway.

Some Christians say that they are good because their job is to ‘glorify God’. But what sort of purpose is that? Does your God need to be worshiped and glorified? Then he is not perfect, but does your God just want to be glorified? If so then he is no different to a tyrannical emperor who demands his empire to worship him.


3 thoughts on “Infinite Forgiveness?

  1. The point of it not being works is no one deserves to get in, its random (to humans) mercy. But, the second half is if anyone believes they won’t be an evil jerk… yet its not brownie points. Good people get left out because it shows how rotten all the saved are.

    Not going to please people in either side, but that’s the doctrine.


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