The Divine Plan

God supposedly has a plan in mind for everyone. But there are a few problems with this claim. If God has a plan for everyone, made for them from the moment they were born, does anybody have free will? If we have free will then that means that we could disobey the divine plan, we could randomly choose to do whatever we want, and this means that God wouldn’t know what we were going to do in life, rendering him unable to be omniscient. But if the Divine plan does exist, God knows the future and we must obey the Divine plan then we don’t really have any free will, because whatever we do is already part of this plan. And that also means that the future is fixed and unchangeable.

Some argue that God’s plan just so happens to be whatever we do in life, but it’s a pretty lousy plan if it changes every 5 seconds based on our own decisions. This reminds me of a time when a Christian said that God is omniscient because he ‘knows what’s going to happen, when it happens’. But this isn’t proper omniscience.

Is it part of God’s plan to cause disease, natural disasters and unnecessary suffering? Is it part of Gods plan to let the children in Africa starve for no good reason? If so, what does that say about the God that you worship? Some Christians argue that bad things happen to people because of the sins of others, but where’s the logic in that? Why should others take the punishment for someone’s sins? That is illogical and makes no sense whatsoever.

It would be much easier to say that God is not omniscient, omnipotent and omnibenevolent. it would get rid of many, many contradictions. But I’m sure believing the stories in a 2000 year old book written by ancient sheep herders as absolute truth is FAR better than adjusting your beliefs so they make logical sense.


3 thoughts on “The Divine Plan

  1. Well, personally i believe that free will is correct, but God already know what we will choose.

    “Is it part of Gods plan to let the children in Africa starve for no good reason?”

    Well I don’t know why are you blaming God for Dying in Africa while most of us (people) aren’t doing a thing.


    • That is one explanation, but it is incompatible with the divine plan. But having your life already planned out for you in advance without you having any say in the matter is a bit depressing anyway!
      Even though not everybody is doing anything to help, an all-loving God would have to have a petty good reason for not doing anything about it.


      • Your plan isn’t already planned by God, it is planned by you on Earth, but God know that plan. Of course it is depressing to have your life planned. On Earth we are alone, that is why God is merciful when we are alive, but when we die God is Fair. Whatever you did here you could be forgiven be you asked for it even in the last seconds (if you truly meant it). The blame is on us, for everything that is happening here. Our life is a gift, and we have brain and compassion, but we did not use them to stop catastrophes.


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