No True Scotsman Fallacies

Sometimes in debates religious debates people claim that Hitler was an Atheist, but this is simply not true. The evidence for this claim is pretty much nothing, the evidence against it is that Hitler forced religion on public schools and on his army, he made his army ‘swear by God’ and carry crosses with Swastikas on them, and not to mention that his army wore belts with ‘Got Mitt uns’ on it, which meant ‘God is with us’. Hitler himself in speeches said that he believed that he was doing the work of a divine creator, who is going to argue against that?

Apparently some religious people. Despite all this evidence they often claim that Hitler was ‘faking it’ to get on the side of the general public, but this is a No True Scotsman Fallacy. This fallacy can be demonstrated like this:

person #1: All race-car drivers do not drive normal cars.

person #2: I am a race-car driver and I drive normal cars.

person #1: Then you’re not a race-car driver.

You see the problem? Anyone can make excuses and claim that Hitler was not a Christian, but this is pointless, as the evidence that he was a Christian is undeniable. I can understand that religious people would not want to consider Hitler part of their group, but it really doesn’t matter what they want. Atheists don’t say that Stalin was just ‘faking’ being an Atheist, so Christians shouldn’t say that Hitler was just ‘faking’ being a Christian.


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