Plagiarism in the Bible

Many religions predate the Bible, such as Hinduism, the Egyptian mythology, Paganism, Greek mythology and Roman mythology. Throughout the Bible you find man stories and events that have been stolen from other religions, the flood myth is taken from both Egyptian and Greek stories, many of the Biblical characters are also talked about in other religions, and the most noticeable plagiarism is the story of Jesus. Look at these three gods, Horus, Krishna and Mithra, and you can see the similarities.


An Egyptian God in the book of the dead who was the son of a God, he was born of a virgin and baptized at birth. He healed the sick, cured the blind, cast out demons, walked on water and raised someone from the dead. He had 12 disciples. He was crucified and arose from the dead 3 days later.


A Hindu God who was the son of a God. He was sent to earth in the form of a man and was called the savior. He was visited at birth by wise men and shepherds guided by a star. He was without sin and he was a God-man. He performed many miracles including curing disease, casting out demons and raising the dead. He had disciples to spread his teachings and had a last supper before ascending into Heaven.


A Roman God who was called the savior and was sent to earth as a mortal, he died for people’s sins, he rose from the dead, he was born from a virgin on December 25th in a barn and he had 12 disciples. He had a last supper before he died and people had a symbolic ceremony where they ate his blood and flesh. Pictures of him depicted him with halo around his head.

If you put these three stories together what do you get? The story of Jesus. All the these three stories predate the Bible by up to hundreds of years, it looks like maybe the Bible isn’t divinely inspired after all, but plagiarized from the countless other religions at the time. Depending on what time you’re referencing the exact details may vary, and scholars do try to argue the little details. But arguing a handful of the little details is not really going to do much to the mountain of evidence that we have. Some festivals have even been stolen, although not as bad. The Pagan rituals of the Winter Solstice and the celebration of life were turned into Christmas and Easter.

The Bible is clearly not unique, which strengthens the evidence that it was just made by a bunch of sheep herders thousands of years ago, and somewhat reduces the entire books’ credibility. But some of the Biblical stories maybe based on truth; a small flood could have occurred and it got exaggerated, or one of the supposed miracles could easily have been altered before it was written down. But overall the evidence we have that the Bible is plagiarized shows that believing it 100% is not a good idea.


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