Why Creation is not Scientific

Young Earth Creationism is not scientific and certainly should not be taught in public schools, and I will explain why.

Creationism, Intelligent Design, and all the other religious ideas are pseudoscience, mainly because they start with a conclusion and then try to prove it, which is the exact opposite of real science. Not only that, but they are untestable and unfalsifiable. We cannot find any observable evidence to falsify ideas like ‘God started the Big Bang’ false, so they are not Scientific. Take for instance the Statement ‘all polar bears are white’, this can be falsified by saying ‘there is a black polar bear’. But seeing as no black polar bears have been discovered the hypothesis that all polar bears are white is proven to be true.

They are not the only ‘controversy’. If Creationism is taught as an ‘alternative’ to real science, then all of the other ideas and religions should be taught. Creationism and Intelligent Design can wait in line behind the hypothesis that life started on Mars and was blown here by cosmic wind, the aquatic-ape theory, every other religion on the planet, the Flat Earth Society, the idea that the Holocaust was a lie, and all the other crazy ideas that we can think of. It is unfair to teach one religious myth and not another, especially if it is supposed to be a ‘substitute’ for science.

A good scientific model can predict things and explain things. Evolution not only predicts how animals might evolve in the future, it also effortlessly explains how life got so diverse and complex. What does Creationism predict and explain? Well, it explains how some God who has not been proven to exist magically made everything and then made it look like the universe was actually old. And it does not predict anything at all.

Not to mention the fact that all Creationist arguments, from the receding Moon to Irreducible Complexity, have been debunked years ago. There is no evidence that Creationism is right, and in science we go with the theory that best fits the evidence. Creation doesn’t.

You don’t pray in our schools, and we won’t think in your Church. Problem solved.


4 thoughts on “Why Creation is not Scientific

  1. Just saying Clasper, a intelligent design is way more reasonable then this whole universe happiness accidentally. Evolutionists believe we came from a rock. Now I know all you people be bicthin’ and all of you are gonna be like “The hell is wrong with this kid” But that is what you believe. And don’t say but I don’t believe in Cosmic evolution, than you aren’t an atheist, because you can not simply believe in parts of evolution. So, I’ll be nice, both of our “religions” aren’t scientific. Okay, don’t be hating.
    Then, I know you guys are gonna be like “But evolution is found in textbooks” Well, I’m sorry, beer is sold in football games and has nothing to do with football, evolution is found in science textbooks and has nothing to do with science.
    Now breath, don’t get all pissed on what I said, I think that.


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