The Meaning of Life

One thing that religion gives you is an ‘ultimate purpose’. But I, and many other Atheists (I assume), are not content with the idea of being put here on Earth for some ultimate reason.

Of course I can only talk from my own knowledge of myself and other Atheists on YouTube, but I do not like the idea of being put here just for me to spend my life serving some divine being. It is a bit depressing if you only exist because someone else wants you to, to do one purpose already planned out for you.  For the most part, I think that it is up to us to make our own purpose in life. To find what we want to do and make our own path. Or you can always go with the answer that the computers gave us; 42. (Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy reference) Yep, your purpose in life is 42, go out into the world and figure out what it means!

For many religious people their religion gives them a strong reason to live and exist, maybe it is easy and convenient for them to have a plan pre-written out for them, but that isn’t what everyone wants. The freedom to do as we want and make our own path and purpose is far greater and more satisfying an existence for me, and I’m sure that others will agree. Another claim by some religious people is that without God there is no purpose and everything in life is pointless. This is ridiculous,  will be covering the afterlife in another blog, but for now I will point something. If there is no God and our life is finite then that ADDS value to it, we need to make the most of our lives, if life is finite then that doesn’t de-value it and make it pointless. Why go on holiday? it is finite, so it is pointless, the reasoning here is terrible.

And why do people need a purpose anyway? Is it not enough to exist? Out all off the people that could have existed, but don’t, the few of us that exist and were born are already extremely lucky. Living is important, not searching for an ultimate meaning that may not even exist.

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11 thoughts on “The Meaning of Life

  1. In truth, not mine, not atheist’s, but in actual truth. There is no need of a purpose in life. No dog or ant or bird has a purpose beyond surviving to raise offspring. In this we have as much purpose as we’re ever likely to get. It’s not much of a purpose. Make a baby or several then spend all your energy to make sure they get old enough to do the same. That’s it. There is nothing more except what you choose to make of it while you are not busy taking care of a child so they can make babies too… that you then get to help raise.

    Those believers that say there is no purpose to life without their god are quite disrespectful of their children and their parents. Then again, they have some damn funny ideas about making babies. The practice is the fun part but they don’t seem to care for it, not officially. For the believer all that this life offers pales in comparison to what they hope is in store for them in the promised ‘next life’ – Barnum laughs loudly.

    For those that are busy looking for a purpose to life I can only say that you are wasting your time. You’ve missed the point entirely already. They believe their god to be all powerful and loving yet do not trust that he had a purpose for this life other than weeding out the bad people. Oh, there’s the rub. No matter how sure they say that they are they can’t and do not know if they are one of the bad people or not. They cannot know if they will go to a heaven that they can’t prove exists to do promised things blissfully for a god they can’t prove exists. No wonder they’re busy trying to find a purpose to life. If they are wrong they have wasted this one life, this one chance, trying to get a ticket to a place that doesn’t exist. What fools they must fear that they have become… or would be if they can’t prove their belief gives them the only true purpose to life. What special little snowflakes they are!

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  2. What do you mean by freedom? If there is no God, and everything is deduced to purely physical and chemical processes, aren’t you determined to choose one action over the other? How can you truly be free in a world of cause-effect chance?

    Even Atheist Sam Harris admits this when he talks about moral responsibility. He states in his book Free Will, that “A person’s conscious thoughts, intentions, and efforts at every moment are preceded by causes of which he is unaware. What is more, they are preceded by deep causes—genes, childhood experience—for which no one, however evil, can be held morally responsible.”

    Now, I understand that people feel like religion is all about rules, regulations, and there is this cosmic killjoy in the universe telling us what we ought and ought not to do. Personally, I get that. You have a point. However, if this God is good, and He is like a loving Father who wants to see you succeed in life, wouldn’t the rules he make give you ultimate freedom?

    Think about it. We have a rule not to go on a red light. Why? Not because society wants to be “legalistic” and steal our joy. Actually, the rule is there to prevent us from being smashed by a semi-truck and dying. This adds to my freedom. Rules are not always a bad thing. God sets up rules for our good. He wants us to be truly free.

    There’s this postmodern concept that has been embedded into us by society that tells us to “be yourself,” be free, and do your own thing. But what happens is you end up making up your own rules, and it gets even more difficult. I find that people who try this become more enslaved by their own moral and ethical code.

    God created us with a purpose, and I don’t find it depressing at all. In fact, I think it’s kind of cool that there is a God who created us with purpose, intent, and direction. I understand you disagree with this, but it sounds better than contrary to belief in God. Here from the famous Atheist Bertrand Russell.

    He once stated, “That Man is the product of causes which had no prevision of the end they were achieving; that his origin, his growth, his hopes and fears, his loves and his beliefs, are but the outcome of accidental collocations of atoms; that no fire, no heroism, no intensity of thought and feeling, can preserve an individual life beyond the grave; that all the labours of the ages, all the devotion, all the inspiration, all the noonday brightness of human genius, are destined to extinction in the vast death of the solar system, and that the whole temple of Man’s achievement must inevitably be buried beneath the debris of a universe in ruins—all these things, if not quite beyond dispute, are yet so nearly certain, that no philosophy which rejects them can hope to stand. Only within the scaffolding of these truths, only on the firm foundation of unyielding despair can the soul’s habitation be safely built.

    That is depressing to me. Anyways, I enjoyed reading your post and hope the best for you. Have a good day.


    • You’re right Chaddamitz, god did create us with a purpose, and the purpose that we were created for is simply to glorify god. Isaiah 43:7 states that we were created for his glory. The idea that an omnipotent god, in all of his infinite, undefined power, created us to simply worship him, is more depressing than the extracts you quoted. That is not much of an existence at all, it means we are simply here to stroke the ego of a higher power and if we refuse, we are punished for eternity. It’s the equivalent of a tyrannical leader invading your country and telling you to worship him or die. That’s not freedom.

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      • Thanks for your response Hayden. I would say that if God is the greatest conceivable being, then God would necessarily possess the greatest moral properties. If God possessed the greatest moral properties, that would include infinite “wisdom” “love” “justice”.

        If God possessed infinite love, wisdom, and justice, then God would not be egotistical. For maximal greatness is worthy of worship and praise. In fact, for God not to allow us to worship infinite love, wisdom, and justice would be unkind. Yet God reveals to us who He is. Through creation, the Bible, and the incarnation of Jesus Christ, the God-Man.

        Now, of course, you have the freedom to reject this claim and live life the way you choose. God gave you the freedom not to worship Him, so you get to make the choice. Have a good day.


        • If you’re honest about the atrocities committed by god in the bible then it is clear that god does not posses the greatest moral properties, his moral compass is incredibly skewed, unless you argue that killing 42 kids via bear mauling is moral because you shouldn’t call a prophet bald. It’s pretty easy to claim god is moral and loving when you don’t consider the amounts of people who have been killed by him or in his name, only focus on the nice scriptures, I get it. Have a good day, don’t get mauled by a bear.


  3. It is enough to exist and you might say people should be content by being there, facing the beginning and the end of their life. No problem with that. Though when people create or look for a religion to have other hopes than their miserable life than that religion is just an excuse for themselves to create other dreams. Real, true faith is build on aspirations believing in a Higher Divine Power not to receive something from It but for respecting the creation as a special thing given to us to enjoy.


  4. chaddamitz wrote “If God possessed infinite love, wisdom, and justice, then God would not be egotistical.” Where does he get it form that The God would be just thinking of Himself and concentrate everything around Himself?
    He also writes “In fact, for God not to allow us to worship infinite love, wisdom, and justice would be unkind.” Yet God not only reveals to us Who He is but also what our purpose is and Why He would like a good relationship between Him, man and the creation.
    He refers rightly to creation and the Bible but then speaks about something umbilical, namely an incarnation (which is an abomination in the eyes of God) of Jesus Christ, whom he considers to be a god-man. Jesus is not God but a man of flesh and blood who really died , whilst God is an eternal Spirit Who has no beginning, no end and Who cannot die.


  5. Haydyn Wayne forgets that it is the Creator God Who allow people to be; He gives but also takes life. As a Creator that is His right.
    When you do not believe in God do you think the falling death of those people would not have happened. May we remind you that the God of gods gave everything in the hands of man. We are responsible for what happens in the world, not God.


  6. Haydyn Wayne what do you mean by “That is not much of an existence at all, it means we are simply here to stroke the ego of a higher power and if we refuse, we are punished for eternity. It’s the equivalent of a tyrannical leader invading your country and telling you to worship him or die. That’s not freedom. “? According to the Bile all people shall die except the few who shall survive the last Great War or World War III, Armageddon. Believers, non-believers, will end up like animals, having to face death and decay. When we die it just shall be finished … than is the end …
    Where do you get it from that “we are punished for eternity” has to mean something very bad? The punishment, may we recall, is “death”. You seem to think about something which certain Christians use to make others afraid and to ‘gain souls’ for their community, but use unscriptural teachings. Once a person dies he cannot think any more nor can he do something, nor can he feel something; He then becomes dust and shall be nothing like before he was born. For some the only thing which may live on is their name, but that is just for a very few. The majority of people born and dying shall disappear in oblivion.


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