Problems in Genesis

Let’s examine the Genesis creation story and see why it is not trustworthy and reliable. Besides contradicting almost all of Science the story itself is full of errors. I will point out a few:

“in the beginning God created the Heaven and the Earth” – As the Sumerians stood by and watched in amazement.

“And God saw the light, that it was good: and God divided the light from the darkness.” – Darkness is an absence of light, not something separate.

“And God called the light Day, and the darkness he called Night. And the evening and the morning were the first day.” – you don’t walk into a lit room at night and say “it’s still day in here”. And a day is a full rotation of the Earth, not movement of light.

Clearly the people who wrote the Bible didn’t know the meaning of the word ‘omnipotent’, because apparently God takes a nap after a week of work. Not only that, but the account of who was created first is unclear, humans are said to have been made before animals, but later the opposite was said. And in the Old Testament God was supposed to have made everything, but later on Jesus was apparently there too.

The problem with the creation story; and the Bible in general, is that it is very unclear, and can be interpreted in different ways. That’s why there are 45,000 different denominations, the Bible causes more confusion and war than any other book. Luckily we have Science to figure out what is the truth and what is not.


8 thoughts on “Problems in Genesis

  1. Nice post. It’s all accurate except the last line. Science, while always moving forward, is forever changing its mind. As for the existence of God, science is limited because it cannot observe what exists beyond space and time.


    • Science changes it’s mind to fit in with the new evidence, many theories, from the Big Bang to Evolution, have been revised and changed over the years to fit new evidence. The most recent theory that has been revised (that I know of) is one about the mass of black holes and the time it takes to form them.
      We cannot observe things outside the universe, so we really don’t know what’s out there, and we might never know. But we do know that the idea of Creation is outdated and fails when put under scrutiny.


      • Religion’s concept of Creation is mythology. However, that does not mean that a Creator did not create all life. As you said, since we cannot observe things beyond the universe we might never know.


  2. Um, “as the Sumerians stood by and watched in amazement.” you kinda hit it on the nose that a literal reading is kinda dumb, so ” day is a full rotation of the Earth” is pretty much the same argument.

    The creation reflects the sabbath (7 days, etc. a day starting at night), hence the nap. So creation is being understood through something else in this text. So if you’re asking for a creation myth that focuses just on creation… neither tale does that.

    If you can’t see the sabbath thing or you’re reading an opinion that doesn’t it just betrays plain ignorance.

    And arguing something “can be interpreted many ways” is too open ended to really say much. A science lesson CAN theoretically be interpreted a million ways, give it 3000 years you’ll have 45000 different interpretations. And does different = in congruent or accepted?

    It’s not like you need a license to spout uneducated opinions.


    • The Young Earth Creationists claim that the Bible is 100% accurate, and they claim to believe in the Genesis creation story. I am showing that a literal interpretation is completely inaccurate, and an omnipotent being does not need to rest, it defies the definition of ‘omnipotent’. The fact that the Bible has to be ‘interpreted’ and the fact that there are so many denominations who do not agree with each other seems to reduce the Bible’s credibility. If the literal way it is written is wrong then there is no way of figuring out what is supposed to be believed and what is not.


      • First, inerrency and literalism are both heresies as is young earth creationism. The ideas you are saying about literalism, etc. were not coined till the 19th c.

        “If the literal way it is written is wrong then there is no way” Ok. There is so much wrong with this will it even enrich us if I pull it apart?

        One, “wrong” would only apply to a factual claim… Literal and factual are not 100% interchangeable and metaphor and fact are not 100% exclusive. Truth and Fact are also ranges.

        “then there is no way” You are assuming that your literal way is the only way, on a text that many have read multiple ways… so “no way of figuring” is exclusive of your complaint TOO many ways have been used.

        And it does not reduce a sources credibility when its meaning is debated, every good idea causes division.

        But you are just evading with that. You’re main point is ” No-one has the correct way to read it.” and you want to go from that to “it’s irrelevant.”

        But the first point washes itself out, you would HAVE TO DEFINITIVELY KNOW HOW TO READ IT to make that claim.

        So your argument rest on my submission to your hubris, not on any logic and it’s not pretty.


  3. If the Bible cannot be interpreted literally, or if there is no accurate way of telling what should be interpreted literally or not, then that raises many questions about how it should be interpreted, causing division and uncertainty. The Big Bang theory, for instance, is a solid theory with no ‘versions’ or ‘denominations’ of it. It is interpreted in one way, as it is written, and causes no problems. But the fact that you Christians cannot even decide among each other what bits of the Bible are literal means that you really should not be going about challenging other religions and atheism.

    You’re setting up somewhat of a straw-man with the whole ” ” No-one has the correct way to read it.” and you want to go from that to “it’s irrelevant.” If no-one can figure out or decide what the Bible actually means then that puts it under siege and even further shows that it is completely inaccurate. Why trust a book that isn’t even written correctly?


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