Atheism, religion and morality

A popular and somewhat outdated claim by the religious is that we need a God to tell us what to do. If you consider this claim then you find that it is an insult to our species. When someone says that we are incapable of knowing what is right and what is wrong without a God, it is not an argument for God’s existence; it’s an insult to themselves. Besides the fact that morality and ‘good’ and ‘bad’ are not universal and written in stone, why should a God get to tell us what to do? morality is a human construct and deserves human justice; if your God told you that murder was okay then would you go about doing it? (Sadly a few people I asked said ‘yes’, but I’ll cover the damage religion does in another blog) Humans are perfectly capable of knowing what to do without a God or deity telling us; we evolved a basic sense morality to allow us to function as a group, and it got more developed and advanced as our species did.

If you are incapable of morals without your God then you really should be locked up in a mental asylum, because the inability to show compassion is a psychopathic trait. And I really hope you don’t get your morals from the bible, sure, it contains the odd useful passage, but it is hidden in the horrific laws and rules of the rest of it. The Old Testament is the worst, but with the New Testament came a whole ton of other stuff. And you can’t throw out the Old Testament for some reason/excuse, because the 10 commandments are in there. Speaking of the commandments, only a few of them are actually relevant. To all the people who want these rules put up in schools and courts in America – and anywhere else, why don’t you actually READ these commandments.

There are only about four that have any relevance in a legal situation, a few of the others are good moral guidelines, but “thou shalt have no other gods before me” is a bit of a stupid moral guideline, so is “thou shalt not take the Lord’s name in vain” and “remember the Sabbath, keep it holy”. The last two are ignored by everyone nowadays. And to comment on the decent ones: these rules are not unique to Christianity, or religion in general. As much as the Christians would like to believe that the world was in chaos before the Bible, with murder and theft at large, this was not the case. We got on perfectly well before the Bible, we get on perfectly well without the Bible, and we’ll get on perfectly fine after the Bible.

Today’s religion is tomorrow’s mythology. All of the religions will fall and die sooner or later, and in many cases for the better.

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One thought on “Atheism, religion and morality

  1. I get so sick of hearing people of faith claiming that morality comes from believing in a deity. To me this means that you choose to show empathy towards your fellow man not because it’s the right thing to do, but because you fear the punishment your god will give you. Religion never had a monopoly on morality and it never will.


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