‘Macro and Micro’ Evolution – two names for the same thing

The Scientific community does not recognize Evolution as being divided into two categories, but the Creationists do for some reason. To retain a shred of dignity in the face of undeniable evidence the Creationists leaders decided to claim that there are two types of Evolution, Macro-Evolution, and Micro-Evolution, which they call ‘adaptation’; the kind they accept.

But really, they ought to accept it all. They say that there is no evidence for Evolution on a large scale, but they never provide a decent model as to why it couldn’t happen. If small changes over small periods of time can happen, then why not large changes over large periods of the time? accepting that both can happen does not automatically mean they you accept that it happened in the past.

Evolution is kind of like a child growing up. You start with a newborn baby and end up with an old/er person, there are some major differences between the two age groups, both mentally and physically, as babies have more bones and are slightly different structurally. But what we see is through many, many tiny, un-noticeable changes over a long period of time, the child ends up completely different to how it started. Is there any transitions? Yes, small ones, there is not a point where you have a half-baby – half-adult creature, but you get un-noticeable, small transitions. Is there any specific point where a child becomes an adult? No, there is no exact second when the change happens. This is similar to Evolution, over a long time of small, un-noticeable changes you eventually end up with a species which is completely different from the one you started with. The main difference is that with Evolution these changes happen from generation to generation.

That is one thing Creationists don’t seem to understand, but hopefully sooner or later they will accept that biological Evolution is all one thing, and that accepting it does not contradict their holy book. If you are interested in knowing more about transitional forms/fossils, or anything else about how to debunk Creationists, then I have a large selection of articles on my website; countercreationist.wordpress.com


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